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2013 Mini Catalog - Erikson Music

2013 Mini Catalog - Erikson Music


PICKUPS FORJAZZ BASS®SJB-1 VINTAGE FOR JAZZ BASSThe hand-ground Alnico 5 magnets and vintageconstruction gives this pickup the original J basswarmth and distinct note definition. Perfect forBlues, Country, Rock, and Reggae. Available for neck& bridge.SJB-3 QUARTER POUND FOR JAZZ BASSIntense Jazz bass tone. Made for players who needan overdose of response and pummeling force (in agood way). Jazz to Metal players love the full soundand dynamics. Available for neck & bridge.STK-J1 CLASSIC STACK FOR JAZZ BASSThe same response and presence of our SJB-1Vintage for Jazz bass, but with stacked coils toeliminate single coil hum. Available for neck & bridge.AJJ-1 PROACTIVE SET FOR JAZZ BASSModern-voiced Jazz pickups that provide the naturaltone of a passive set but with the precision andconsistency of actives. Easily accentuates playingstyles from a light touch to slap.20

MISC BASS®APJ-1 PRO ACTIVEFOR P-J BASSFor the most consistent and eventone night after night no matterwhere you play, the APJ Pro Activeset will deliver. The tone is crispand precise but natural at the sametime.SMB-4 STRINGFOR MUSIC MANRecreates the unmatched tone andfeel of the original ’76 Stingray.With alnico pole pices and uniquecoil windings you’ll hear thesmooth attack and wide frequencyrange that can only be achievedwith this pickup.ASB-BO-4, BLACKOUTS,4 STRINGCreated for the most aggressivebass sounds. These pickups oozesaturation and extreme volume.Not for the faint of heart.21

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