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54639-01, VSP-VS514SZ-YCAH - Balboa Direct

54639-01, VSP-VS514SZ-YCAH - Balboa Direct

CGBasic System Features

CGBasic System Features and FunctionsAny time you change a DIP Switch, other than A1, you must reset PersistentMemory for your new DIP Switch Settings changes to take effect. If you donot reset Persistent Memory, your system may function improperly.To reset Persistent Memory: Power down by disconnecting power source from spa. Put a jumper across J43, covering both pins. (See illustration below) Power up by connecting power source to spa. Wait until “ ” is displayed on your panel. Power down again. Remove jumper from J43 (May also move to cover 1 pin only) Power up again.About Persistent Memory and Time of Day Retention:This system uses memory that doesn’t require a battery to store a variety ofsettings. What we refer to as Persistent Memory stores the filter settings,the set temperature, and the heat mode.Persistent Memory is not used for Time of Day. Only models with aSerial Deluxe panel installed (VS5xxDZ and GS5xxDZ) can display thetime. However, during power loss to the spa, the system will lose thecorrect time, and reset to 12:00 PM when power is restored.Power Up Display SequenceUpon power up, you should see the following on the display: Three numbers in a row, which are the SSID (the System SoftwareID). The third display of these numbers is the Software Version,which should match the version of your system. For example, if thesethree numbers are , that is a VS511SZ at version 38. Displayed next is: “ ” (indicating the system is configured fora heater between 3 and 6 kW) or “ ” (indicating the system isconfigured for a heater effectively* between 1 and 3 kW).“ ” should appear for all VS models running at 240VAC.“ ” should appear for all VS models running at 120VAC, as wellas all GS models. (*A heater which is rated at 4 kW at 240VAC willfunction as a 1 kW heater at 120VAC.) “ ” will appear to signal the start of Priming Mode.At this point, the power up sequence is complete. Refer to the ReferenceCard for the VS or GS System model of your spa for information about howthe spa operates from this point on, including how to adjust the Time ofDay if using a Serial Deluxe style panel.J43E.GNDK6G CF4 FUSE .3A 250VJ23K1W1SWITCHBANKT1AK3K2F2W4E.GNDJ50G CJ6G CSWITCHBANK AF7J17/26S1 TSTS1W7FUSE 20A 250VK8K9J43J46J60 J22J6 J7 J8TSTEXT.RLYJ2AUX. FJ1SEN. AJ47G CW2W3J1AJ2ASEN. BU4J29G CJ13BALBOA INSTRUMENTS, INC. 2-SPDJ44 VS500ZEXT RLYP/N 22972 REV DVACMADE IN U.S.ACOPYRIGHT 2005J43 on VS5xxZ and VS300 Series Main Board Shown.J43 on GS5xxZ Series is located in approximately the same position.K51 2 3J12J20F1J10FUSE 3A 250VJ18J26J90J50LINEBLK ACW1K4K1VS100P/N 22964_B MADE IN U.S.A.© 2006PUMPT0.25A 250VBalboaJ58G CJ23NEUTRALF2J57HEATEROZONEJ29G CWHT ACK3J9TSTK2K5SWITCHBANK AF4J6 J43S1TSTSWITCHBANK ARSTJ43 on VS100/GS100 Series Main Board Shown.J6J43RSTF5, F3A 250VJ13 J12J7SEN. AJ8SEN. BJ18U4GJ20CJ1Page 454639-01_A

Wiring Configuration and DIP SettingsSetup 1 (As Manufactured) (Stereo) CLASS G FUSE 30AJ66J65J11F5WHT ACJ15 J16 J25 J63 J64NEUTRALWHITEBLKJ61JK6J23F4 FUSE .3A 250V2-Spd P1G CJ74W1J73PCBA rev D only.Black jumper required.Do not remove.K1J50 W10W4T1Audio VisualG C1-Spd P2G COzone and Circ Pump must be same voltage.DIP switch A9 must be ON if Circ Pump is installed.F7 FUSE 20A 250J47 J29J17/26W7K9K8J46Circ.PumpG CW2W3J1 J1AOzoneG CK5J2012VLightG CF1J10FUSE 3A 250VK4TORQUERANGEFOR TB1:27-30 IN. LBS.HOTBLACKHOTREDTB1K3K2J2J2AVS5xxS mode2 31U4 J12J18J32 J33 J34 J35J43J100J36BalboaJ37RED ACHTR2J101HTR15.5 kWHeater rated @ 240V(Approx. 1.25kW @ 120V)W1J1R B W G1-Spd P3F2F30A 480VE.GNDX-P231PN 53681P/N 22909 REV BSWITCHBANK AJ6J60 J22J6 J7 J8S1 TSTEXT.RLYJ7AUX. FSEN. ASEN. BJ44BALBOA INSTRUMENTS, INC.VS500ZP/N 22972 REV DVAC MADE IN U.S.ACOPYRIGHT 20052-SPDEXT RLYJ13WARNING: Main Power to system should be turned OFF BEFORE adjusting DIP switches.WARNING: Persistent Memory (J43) must be RESET to allow new DIP switch settings to take effect. (See Persistent Memory page)SSID #1009343A1, Test Mode OFFA2, See Table 1A7, Exp Board Equip Disabled EnabledA3, J17/26 Pump Disabled EnabledJ43A9, Non-Circ ModeA5, 2-speed P1A10, See Table 1Panel Button AssignmentsPanel Button Positions1=Mode5=Pump 14 1 222=Temp Up6=Unused 6=J17/26 6=Pump 23=Temp Down5 6 73 1 37=Exp 7=Unused Board4=LightPage 5VS51x/VS5xxS/VS5xxDCompatibleJ121 2 3MemoryReset7546Wiring Color Key120 Volt Connections240 Volt ConnectionsBlack AC Jumpers12 Volt ConnectionsRelay Control WiresBoard Connector Key1 Typically Line voltage2 Typically Line voltage for 2-speed pumps3 Neutral (Common)4 GroundNote flat sides in connector54639-01_A

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