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54639-01, VSP-VS514SZ-YCAH - Balboa Direct

54639-01, VSP-VS514SZ-YCAH - Balboa Direct

DIP Switches and Jumpers

DIP Switches and Jumpers DefinitionsSSID 100 93 43DIP Switch KeyA1 Test Mode (normally OFF)A2+A10 Control amp draw requirements (See Table 1)A3 “ON” position: J17/26 Enabled for 1-speed Pump only.“OFF” position: J17/26 Disabled.A4 Aux Freeze (must be OFF)A5+A9 Pump 1 speeds and Circ Modes:A5 A9 Circ Mode Pump 1 SpeedOFF OFF Non-circ 2-speedON OFF Circ "acts like Pump 1 low" (filters/polls/ect) 1-speedOFF ON 24 hours with 3°F shut-off 1-speedON ON 24 hours with 3°F shut-off 2-speedBase Model VS503SZ-VS504SZ-VS514SZTable 1 # of Hi-SpeedPumps/BlowerBefore Heat DisabledA2 A10OFF OFF 0ON OFF 1OFF ON 2ON ON 3A6 “ON” position: 50Hz operation“OFF” position: 60Hz operationA7 “ON” position: Expander Board Enabled for Blower or 1-speed Pump.“OFF” position: Expander Board DisabledA8 “ON” position: temperature is displayed in degrees Celsius“OFF” position: temperature is displayed in degrees FahrenheitWhen using a Blower, use X-B expander board. When using a 1-speed Pump 3, use X-P or X-P231, depending on amperage requirements.* Panel with button layout is not compatible.Jumper KeyJ12 Factory set. DO NOT MOVE.Jumper must be on Pins 1 and 2 for VS51xZ/VS52xZ/VS5xxSZ/VS5xxDZ software.Jumper must be on Pins 2 and 3 for VS50xZ software.J43 When jumper is placed on 2 pins during power-up, system will reset persistent memory.Leave on 1 pin only to enable persistent memory feature.WARNING:Setting DIP switches incorrectly may cause abnormal system behavior and/or damage to system components.Refer to Switchbank illustration on Wiring Configuration page for correct settings for this system.Contact Balboa if you require additional configuration pages added to this tech sheet.Panel Button PositionsAux Panel Information41 2274Supports 2-button aux panel5 6 731356VX2056When A3 is ONVX205 7When A3 is OFF1=Mode2=Temp Up3=Temp Down4=LightPanel Button Assignments5=Pump 16=Pump 2 (when A3 is ON)7=Exp Board (when A7 is ON)Supports 4-button aux panelVX40S5 6 4 7Page 654639-01_A

Expander OptionsK1J6CGK1F5 W12F10A 250VCGJ6J2J4W12X-PPN 53544Used for a 1-speed Pump output. J2J3X-BPN 53310 W1J1R B WX-P231PN 53681P/N 22909 REV BJ6J7W1J1R B WX-P332PN 55137P/N 22909 REV BJ6J7GT30A 480VGT30A 480VX-P231PN 53681 J60 X-P332PN 55137 J13 K1J2J4J6J7J5W12CCGG X-2SP Kit PN 53913 Page 754639-01_A

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