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AdvancingPositive, ImpactfulChangeAn unprecedented opportunity exists for all Canadians,industry and governments to partner with First Nationsin ways that truly unleash economic growth whileincorporating socially responsible approaches to naturalresource development. We need look no further than ourown backyards to find examples of how companies andFirst Nations are getting it right.Each and every one of us has a role to play, beginningby engaging in a dialogue with one another. There istremendous value in taking the next steps to securecontinued and increased success.The time is now and the opportunities are immense.— ong>Workingong> ong>Groupong> on Natural Resource Development

AdvancingPositive, ImpactfulChangeAcknowledgementsThe members of the ong>Workingong> ong>Groupong> on Natural Resource Development areindependent, volunteer appointments made by the Assembly of First Nations (AFN)and Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC). The Governmentof Canada provided funding for the working group process and the AFN and AANDCprovided secretariat support.As a ong>Workingong> ong>Groupong>, we would like to express our gratitude for having the privilegeto participate in this important initiative. We would also like to thank all of the people,leaders and experts who took the time to support and participate and provide theirinvaluable input during the information-gathering and discussion phases of our work.We hope that the content of this report accurately reflects their insight and the spiritof our sessions and will serve to inform a national dialogue that advances practical,impactful change for all First Nations as a result of natural resource development inCanada.

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