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AdvancingPositive, ImpactfulChangeWe need to prepare now to ensure that all of theopportunities and benefits of natural resourcedevelopment will be fully shared by First Nationsand all Canadians.— ong>Workingong> ong>Groupong> on Natural Resource DevelopmentPage 7

AdvancingPositive, ImpactfulChangeExecutiveSummaryCanada is at a pivotal momentin terms of the evolving role ofFirst Nations in the future of thiscountry, and the signficance ofnatural resouce development toCanada’s economy.Over the next decade, it is estimated that investments in Canada’s natural resourceindustry could reach as high as $675 billion. 6 As opportunities in the industry continueto grow, Canada and First Nations will need to be ready with skilled and unskilledworkers and related support businesses. Resource development is already the largestprivate employer of Aboriginal people in Canada. We need to prepare now to ensurethat all of the opportunities and benefits of natural resource development will be fullyshared by First Nations and all Canadians.Despite the odds, many First Nations have already found innovative ways toparticipate in and take advantage of natural resource development opportunities.These communities are involved in employment, procurement, training, communityinfrastructure, revenue sharing, co-management, and other forms of participation andoversight. All First Nations have unique opportunities to secure even more expansiveand lasting investments in natural resource development projects in the form of jointventures and full ownership.As members of this ong>Workingong> ong>Groupong>, we had the unique opportunity to explorewith First Nations participants and industry experts many far-reaching and complextopics related to the greater involvement and engagement of First Nations in naturalresource development in Canada. This report reflects our collaborative work onfour key topics: governance, environment, prosperity, and finance. It includes ourobservations about the critical actions and activities undertaken by corporations,governments and First Nations communities and businesses to ensure successful andbeneficial involvement of First Nations in resource development. It also reflects ourrecommendations to advance impactful and practical change in the immediate andlonger terms.Our information-gathering and working sessions were a necessary first step to launchfocused discussion and action in key, achievable areas. Combined, our observationsand recommendations form the foundation for future dialogue and action.Leadership can come from multiple sources. Moving forward, this dialogue needsto be taken up at a national level with a wider group that includes First Nations,all levels of government, industry, and non-governmental organizations. As a nextstep to the work we have begun, we recommend additional working sessions andround tables which dedicate sufficient time to further explore our observations andrecommendations. There is a sense of urgency to continue our work with the fullinvolvement and dedication of all levels of government, stakeholders and First Nationsin Canada.Page 8

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