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from basics to complexity - Getting to Sustainability

from basics to complexity - Getting to Sustainability


Ecosystem ServicesSupportservicesneeded toproduce allotherecosystemservices:nutrientcyclingSoil formationPrimaryproduction,etcProvision ofgoods fromecosystems, food,materials,medicine, fuel, etcRegulatingservices:climate andflood control,diseaseregulation,waterdelivery andpurification,etcCultural servicesBenefits likeaesthetic, heritage,spiritual, etcComponents of wellbeingSecurity:Secure resourceaccess, securityfrom disastersBasicmaterial fora good life:Food,shelter,livelihood,access togoods, etcHealth: strength,access to cleanwater and air, etcGood socialrelationsFreedomofchoiceandactionMillennium Ecosystem Assessment Synthesis Report (2005).

Defining some issues• Sustainability – not entirelydefined (it’s a complexplanet)• Climate change,biodiversity, chemicalcycling in brief• Carbon footprints vsecological footprints at thelevel of:• Homes and workplaces• Countries• GlobalWe need net ‘positivedevelopment’ toreplenish the planet!

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