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ALU Genel

ALU Genel MantikABAlldatapathsare N bitswideInvrtShiftAndAddMuxSelect (frominstructionop code)ResultCond Codes(Z,N,C,V)10/22/2004 Bilgisayar Mimarisi 5.51-bit ALU for And, Or, AddCarryIn SelectABAinBinMUX+ CinYCarryOut10/22/2004 Bilgisayar Mimarisi 5.6Instructions ALU yu kontrol eder• Assembler instruction:– ADD C, A , B– A ve B ALU nun inputlarini temsil eder– C ise output• AND, OR, ADD all calculated simultaneously• ADD icin Opcode bit pattern olarak tanimlanir– MUX select lines i control eder10/22/2004 Bilgisayar Mimarisi 5.71-bit ALU for And, Or, Add, SubInvertBACarryInAinSelectBinMUXBYMUX + CinCarryOut10/22/2004 Bilgisayar Mimarisi 5.8

ALU nun subtraction icin kullanimiALU concept, repeat slide• A - B = A + (-B)– Cikarma islemi negation ve toplama islemine indirgenebilir• NegationAllShift– complementing ve adding onedatapathsResult– Kucuk Mux la complement yapare N bitsMux– CarryIn le bir eklewideAnd• SUB opcode– select bits ler ADD islemini sececek sekilde set edilir– LSB nin CarryIn i 1 olarak set eder– InvertB nin 1 olarak set ederAdd10/22/2004 Bilgisayar Mimarisi• but also sets CarryIn of LSB and InvertB5.910/22/2004 Bilgisayar Mimarisi 5.10ABInvrtSelect (frominstructionop code)Cond Codes(Z,N,C,V)Condition CodesCondition Code Z (result is 0)Operation• Her bir calculation dan conditional code (1 bit)lar uretilir• Conditional branch instruction lari icin infosaglar– Z whether the result is zero– N whether the result is negative– C whether there is a carry out from MSB– V whether the result has overflowed10/22/2004 Bilgisayar Mimarisi 5.11AMSBNALUYBZNZero condition is on if all bits of the output are zero10/22/2004 Bilgisayar Mimarisi 5.12

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