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Issue #92, January 2006 - Gemini Gems

Issue #92, January 2006 - Gemini Gems


GENERATOR POWERBy Paul & Peggy Cobb, QUIET PLACE, Hull 766 (105Mc)Our 105Mc is a cool place at anchor,during those hot buggy nights.We set our Honda EU2000i Generatoron the port step on top of a “Tile layersknee pad”. It is a red plastic board withfoam so it cushions the “tile layersknees” and our generators vibration.The board extends a little over the stepedge but, with a few 2x4’s cut andstacked to support the edge that hangsover, it is quite stable.We then use a shorepower pig tail andshort extension cord to plug it into theshorepower connection of the boat.A small 5300 btu AC is mounted in the windowover the helm station and is supported by a 2x4cut to fit the window size for the base of AC anda short piece angled from the little shelf behindthe helms wheel to the bottom of AC.When bad weather comes, we cover the generatorwith a plastic storage container with one endcut off for the hot exhaust.The generator runs for 10 hours on a tankfull andwe sleep much better at night.1463

A little hint for those that have the Mermaid16,500 btu AC. If you start the AC before thesaltwater cooling pump, the generator willtake the startup surge, when the generatorlevels off, start your saltwater AC pump. Wehave connected the saltwater pump by use ofextension cord plugs so we can unplug andplug it in after the initial start up surge haspassed. We only use this method to cool theboat down in the evening and then we run thewindow AC to keep it cool. Gas storage iskept in 2 gal containers in the anchor compartmentwith the lid propped open for ventilation.Stay cool!Paul & Peggy Cobb1464

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