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Issue #92, January 2006 - Gemini Gems

Issue #92, January 2006 - Gemini Gems


RESULTS OF THE LIGHTNING SURVEYBy Bob Hickernell, MY GEM AN I, Hull 325 (3200)In the last issue of Gems and on the web list serve I asked those who have been hitby lightning to respond to a list of questions. I had seven responses, one of whichhas been struck three times which I counted separately, bringing the total to nine.About one half believed that the initial contact point was the VHF antenna at themasthead, one indicated the shore power, and the rest felt it hit the boat itself.The highest cost of repairs was $12,000, the least $2800, and the average $9,200.No one was displeased with their insurance company.The electronics damaged and the number of respondents are:Nav-5 or tri-data systems 8Auto pilot 6Navigation or anchor lights 5VHF radio and antenna 5Battery charger 5Fume detector 5Solar panel or controller 4Refrigerator 3Radar 2Batteries 2There were miscellaneous other items with one or two responses and lots of fuseswere replaced.Two people reported minor hull damage, pinhole leaks of a few gallons per day.The location in the U.S. was: three - Chesapeake Bay, four - Florida (three of whichare the same owner), one - Ohio, and one - Michigan.Concerning the ability to motor afterwards: one - needed batteries to start, one -Tohatsu was damaged, one - starter motor, and two - alternators were not charging.Six said their Gem was in the water, three on a lift, three that there were trees orother masts nearby.One reported that he had an ion dissipater installed and that even though the boatwas struck the damage was at the low end of the scale. An ion dissipater is a deviceinstalled at the masthead which the people selling it claim that will neutralize thecharge on the boat and lightning will strike somewhere else. The theory has mostlybeen discredited by the scientific community, there is lots of information on the net. 1459

NEW SURVEYBy Bob Hickernell, MY GEM AN I, Hull 325 (3200)1a. To get an idea of the life expectancy of the Dometic frig,how old was it when it failed?1b. If yours has been working OK for over 10 years how old is it?2a. Concerning PCI’s customer service, rate A-F during warranty.2b. After warranty, rate A-F and include the hull # or age of boat.3. When underway what percentage of time do you: sail only?,motor only?, motor sail?4. What nautical theme type novel would you recommend?5. Assume your first mate says “I’m sick and tired of you spendingall our money on that damned boat.”but you feel you need the following:a. Radarb. Chart plotterc. Solar battery chargerd. WindlessWhich would you purchase and in what order?6. What Gem project that you decided to do yourself do you regretnot hiring a pro to do it?You can respond by snail mail or internet:Bob Hickernell, 900 Longpoint Rd., Grasonville, MD 21638 give me the number of the question and answer e.g. 2b C, 10 yrs.I’m going to post the above web address as a link on the list serve in the first weekof January, the questions will be repeated on that site, answer and click on “Send e-mail to”.Also I need questions for the next (if there is sufficient interest) survey, submit to thesame site.Thanks,BobDISCLAIMER: We assume no responsibility for ideas, suggestions or advice contained in this newsletter.Contributions are made in the spirit of sharing opinions and experiences. Use at your own risk.1460

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