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Pragmatic Partnerships

Pragmatic Partnerships

Review of published

Review of published literature:Reasons for being un-/under-vaccinatedUnder-vaccinatedUnvaccinated28%21%27%7%Failure of thesystem to deliverImmunizationSystems55%Failure of thepopulation todemandParentalAttitudesAndKnowledgeFamilCharacteristics12%44%6%% based on 887 reasons abstracted from 209 relevant articles% based on 33 reasons abstracted from 12 articles on unvaccinated children10 |Pragmatic Partnerships - Berlin | 9 May 2011

Examples of major PPPs in public health Global Fund to fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria – provide integratedfunding and assistance against three public health emergencies Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization – allowdeveloping countries to rapidly and sustainably introduce newvaccines and strengthen immunization programmes UnitAid – make treatment cost and distribution appropriate to theprogrammes in developing countries Meningitis Vaccine Programme – affordable vaccinedevelopment and implementation for developing countries Measles Initiative – major mortality and morbidity impact throughongoing collaboration and coordination11 |Pragmatic Partnerships - Berlin | 9 May 2011

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