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Installation, Service, and Operator's Manual - Services Unlimited, Inc.

Installation, Service, and Operator's Manual - Services Unlimited, Inc.

Ice Frost Operator’s

Ice Frost Operator’s Manual21. Extract the quick couplings (C2) / (F2) - (FIGURE 14, FIGURE 15, and FIGURE 16).22. Disconnect the probe fastenings (D2) / (E2) - (FIGURE 14 and FIGURE 15).FIGURE 14. Pre-Mix VersionFIGURE 15. Post-Mix VersionFIGURE 1623. Pull the lockpin/safety pin (Y) upwards - FIGURE17.24. Slide the locking bar (Z) - FIGURE 18 - outwards sothat the bowls are fully released.Unlock relief valve on the bowl lid cap and remove(FIGURE 19).FIGURE 17FIGURE 18Publication Number: M620919596OPR - 14 - © 2004-2007, IMI Cornelius Inc.

Ice Frost Operator’s Manual25. Unscrew the knobs (A1) so the bowls can belowered slightly, open the tap to remove anyremaining liquids and then extract it from its seating,pulling it outwards (FIGURE 19).Bowl Lid Cap26. Remove the tap from its seating, press the twoclamping wings at the same time (FIGURE 20) andpush upwards.FIGURE 1927. Remove the tap, holding the body (R) presseddownwards, then slide the lever (L) out of its seating(FIGURE 21). Wash all the parts thoroughly with hotwater and mild detergent, rinse them well, andreplace them.FIGURE 2028. Separate the bowl from the cover, releasing thefastening (D1) by pulling them upwards, as shownin FIGURE 22.FIGURE 21FIGURE 22© 2004-2007, IMI Cornelius Inc. - 15 - Publication Number: M620919596OPR

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