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Installation, Service, and Operator's Manual - Services Unlimited, Inc.

Installation, Service, and Operator's Manual - Services Unlimited, Inc.

Ice Frost Operator’s

Ice Frost Operator’s ManualTROUBLESHOOTINGNOTE: The following procedures must be performed by a qualified service technician.Problem Possible Cause Solution“Filt” or “Err” message appears onthe touchpad LED readoutThe unit does not cool, or coolsonly partially, but the compressor(s)is/are runningThe unit does not cool or coolsonly partially, but one or more ofthe compressors are not running• The filter is dirty and needs tobe cleaned• The unit is positioned too closeto a wall or other object restrictingair flow and causing the unitto run at a higher temperature• The filter is not properlyinstalled• The unit has been installednear a heat source, such as acoffee machine, ice maker orcold beverage machine whichexpels hot air from its vents,causing the unit to run at a hightemperature. (Installation neara heat source should be avoid)• The space around the unit isinadequate for ventilation• Freezer is in COLD mode• The condenser fins are cloggedwith airborne particles• Fan motor is not running• Refrigerant is leaking• Defective Electrical components• Loose wire connections• One or more of the compressorsare malfunctioning• No current is coming to the“compressor delay” PC board• Clean and replace filter followinginstructions (Removing andCleaning Filter)• Reposition unit to maximizeventilation space (see installationfigures)• Properly install filter see“Removing and cleaning filter”• Reposition unit to maximizeventilation space (see installationfigures)• Allow at least 8” (20cm)between the unit and anythingnext to it; keep away from heatsources• Return to FROZEN mode• Remove the side panels. Usinga brush or compressed airclean the condenser• Check the fan motor’s electricalconnections and, if disconnected,reconnect. If still notoperating, replace the motor• Locate the leak, eliminate it andrecharge the system• Replace the malfunctioning components• Check the contacts and correctthose that are incomplete• Replace the compressor(s)• Check the electrical connections tothe PC board as well as the transformerfeeding the PC board andcorrectPublication Number: M620919596OPR - 32 - © 2004-2007, IMI Cornelius Inc.

Ice Frost Operator’s ManualProblem Possible Cause Solution• The product Brix is too low • Check the product Brix and correctThe unit over-freezes making theauger movement slow or stoppedThe unit is noisyThe main power switch is ON. Theunit is not running.Product is leaking out of the bowlProduct is leaking from the dispensingvalveProduct is flowing into drain traythrough drainage tubeThe auger is not turningThe auger is creating noises as itrotates• The screw setting for the productconsistency control system is settoo far toward the “+” position• The limit switch arm is bent awayfrom the gearmotor and preventscontact• The level of the product in the bowlis too low, exposing the auger• The compressor PC board contactsdon’t open• The fan motor blades are hittinginternal components• The fuse(s) are blown• The pressure cutout switch hasactivated• Some electrical connections arenot complete• The main power is not functioning• One of the bowl seals is not inplace• The dispensing valve has beenincompletely or incorrectly replacedin its position• The free movement of the dispensingvalve is impeded• Dispensing valve o-rings are damaged• The bell shaped “shaft” sealbetween the front of the cylinderand the auger hub has not beenreinstalled properly• The bell shaped “shaft” seal or thespindle bushing seal is damaged orworn• Auger not turned ON• Some electrical connections arenot complete• The gear motor(s) are malfunctioning• The large red bowl seal is not inposition, causing the gear teeth notto mesh• The product Brix is incorrect• The bell shaped “shaft” seal hasbeen replaced without lubricationor is damaged• The auger has been incompletelyor incorrectly reassembled (ie theauger’s gear pins are not properlyseated)• Reset the screw toward the “-”position to produce a thinner consistencyproduct• Using pliers, straighten the limitswitch arm• Add more product or turn the refrigerationOFF• Replace the PC board• Check and correct• Replace the fuse(s)• Clean the condenser or add ventilationspace around the unit (thecutout switch reset is automaticwhen the conditions are corrected)• Check the contacts and correctthose that are incomplete• Replace the switch• Replace or reposition the seals• Reassemble and replace• Clean and lubricate the valve andvalve cylinder with the lubricantprovided with the unit• Replace the o-rings• Find the seal and put it back inplace• Replace the damaged/worn sealand check the condition of thedriveshaft.• Turn auger ON• Check the contacts and correct theones that are incomplete• Replace the gear motor(s)• Check and correct• Check the product Brix and correct• Replace or clean and lubricate withthe lubricant provided with the unit• Check and correct© 2004-2007, IMI Cornelius Inc. - 33 - Publication Number: M620919596OPR

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