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Chapter 6

Chapter 6

eIF2 and eIF3 bind to

eIF2 and eIF3 bind to the 40Sribosome subunit.eIF4A, eIF4B, eIF4F bind to themRNA.eIF1 and eIF1A bind to theribosome subunit-mRNAcomplex

eIF4A unwinds any secondary structure that exists in the first15 bases of the mRNA.Energy for the unwinding is provided by hydrolysis of ATP.Unwinding of structure farther along the mRNA isaccomplished by eIF4A together with another factor, eIF4B.The main role ofeIF4G is to link othercomponents of theinitiation complex.Energy for the unwinding isprovided by hydrolysis ofATP. Unwinding of structurefarther along the mRNA isaccomplished by eIF4Atogether with another factor,eIF4B. The main role of eIF4Gis to link other components ofthe initiation complex.

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