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THE SALVATION ARMY - Salvation Army Metropolitan Division

THE SALVATION ARMY - Salvation Army Metropolitan Division

ii. Review all punch

ii. Review all punch details reports for staff and make sure that they are processingdaily, time exception reports, absence reports, vacation requests, etc.iii. Process all evaluation (probationary and annual) in a timely manner.iv. Assist, maintain and update the writing of job descriptions for support staff of theaquatics programs and facilities.c. Establish working objectives for volunteers that will assist in the aquatic programs andfacilities; work with volunteer coordinator on the scheduling and specific duties forvolunteers. Review the Manual for Volunteers.d. Maintain clear channels of communication with staff, volunteers and program participates.This will include writing of internal memos, weekly department meetings, work schedules,flyers newsletters and one on one discussion.e. Ensure that all staff is trained in Safe From Harm and proper guidelines are followed.4. Meetings and Communication.a. Work in a cooperative manner with the other on-site directors of the RJKCCC program,discussing the availability of the swimming pools and their services to the other programs ofthe RJKCCC.b. Attend all scheduled staff meetings and management team meetings when directed by theDirector of Operations.c. Work to coordinate activities with the other on-site directors when necessary.d. Ensure that Aquatic programs staff maintains bulletin boards, which reflect appropriateinformation and are kept currente. Work with the marketing staff and events coordinator to work with their schedules of birthdayparties that use the pools as a part of their rentals.f. Maintain an accurate calendar of events and daily schedule of the aquatic programs andfacilities usage both by private and on site programs.g. Participate in related Advisory Council Committees as assigned by the RJKCCCAdministrators and Director of Operation.5. Facilities/Safe Working Environmenta. Maintain a safe working environment.i. Staff are trained on program related safety procedures.ii. Report all harmful problems with facilities to the Facilities Maintenance Supervisor.b. Develop systems that safe guard any and all facilities, supplies and equipment related to theaquatic program and facilities of the RJKCCC.c. Establish and maintain a written Emergency Disaster Evacuation Plan for the aquatics area.d. Establish, conduct (regularly) and maintain a written Fire Drill Plan for the aquatics area.e. Ensure that Worker’s Compensation Staff Injuries are reported timely and according toprocedure as outline in the HR Manual.f. Ensure that Liability injuries are reported timely and according to procedure.g. Ensure that all equipment assigned to the aquatic facilities is maintained and properlyinventoried on a regular basis.h. Establish and maintain guidelines related to the aquatic facilities with regard to the use offood and beverages and assigned areas.i. Establish and maintain under staff supervision an equipment checkout program. Have itinclude checks before and after use for defects, repair, etc. and discard defective equipmentin accordance with procedures.6. Leadership is provided for other Kroc Center projects as assigned.COMPENTENCIESAFFECTIVE:A strong commitment to promote the mission of The Salvation Army with a passion for seeing the integrationof Christian faith and services in a community center setting.A philosophy of education and child development which is consistent with that of the RJKCCC and TheSalvation Army

BEHAVIORAL:A demonstrated ability to manage projects, priorities and programs in a constantly changing environment.A communication and management style that exhibits the principles and values of the Salvation Army.A leadership style that fosters team relationships to accomplish objectives and solve problems and crisis in aprofessional manner.A service orientation; anticipating and responding to the needs of clients, employees and management.The demonstrated ability to speak before large and small groups with poise and enthusiasm. Must be ableto effectively communicate in English.The ability to work with children, parents, and staff in a capacity of leadership, counseling and education.An ability and desire to provide the safest environment possible in a dangerous swimming environement.COGNITIVE:An extensive knowledge of large community centers offering a wide variety of programs and services.The knowledge of how to relate to children and adults in a manner that displays a sensitivity to their needsand a respect for their worth as individuals.An understanding of children’s educational and recreational needs, and appropriate positive disciplinemethods.An understanding of how to supervise staff and participants of varying education levels and diverse culturalbackgrounds.EXPERIENCEBachelor’s Degree in Sports Management, Aquatics Management or related field.Minimum of five years experience in:• Pool Management with a staff of at least 15• 2 years as a director of a pool facility or program component with an annual budget of $1 million ormore for which they were responsible.Have or obtain within three months, a valid Illinois Drivers’ License and insured transportation and be able tomeet The Salvation Army’s requirements.PERFROMANCE MEASURMENTSThis individual will be evaluated on how effectively the outcomes of this position are achieved as well as howeffectively the mission and objectives of The RJKCCC are met.There will also be an evaluation of how effectively assigned departments and staff accomplish their goalsand objectives.REPORTING RELATIONSHIPSThis position reports to the Kroc Director of Operations.This position directly supervises all Aquatics staff.This individual interacts with a wide range of contacts both within and outside the Salvation Army. In thesecontacts, they act as a representative of the Army and its mission.LEADERSHIP ROLE

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