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CL: Presentation Slides - "Executing Our Growth Strategies"

CL: Presentation Slides - "Executing Our Growth Strategies"

Surbana Acquisition

Surbana Acquisition Complements Value HousingAcquired40% stake inSurbana(formerly known as HDB Corp)TownshipdevelopmentsConsultancy57.0%*38.0%*15.3%*15.0%*100% 100% 100%ShenyangXi’anChengduWuxiSingapore InternationalConsultancy ConsultancyRelatedBusinesses* Represents effective interests22CapitaLand Group 1Q 2011 Results *April 2011*

Surbana’s Current 4 Township Projects in ChinaEffective stake: 38.0%Effective stake: 57.0%• Distance from City center (km): 12• Remaining units to be sold: 23,810Xi’anShenyang• Distance from City center (km): 20• Remaining units to be sold: 12,331WuxiEffective stake: 15.3%ChengduEffective stake: 15.0%• Distance from City center (km): 9• Remaining units to be sold: 3,135• Distance from City center (km): 9• Remaining units to be sold: 2,46423CapitaLand Presentation *July 2011*

CL: Presentation Slides - "The Next Phase of Growth"
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