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CL: Presentation Slides - "Executing Our Growth Strategies"

CL: Presentation Slides - "Executing Our Growth Strategies"

Corporate Social

Corporate Social ResponsibilityCapitaLand Supports Giant Panda Conservation ProgrammeJia JiaKai Kai• CapitaLand pledged a conservation donation to support the 10-yearcollaborative programme of the giant pandas given by China toSingapore• The adoption of this pair of giant pandas shows our support forwildlife conservation and promotion of cultural exchange andunderstanding between Singapore and China30 CapitaLand Presentation *July 2011*

PhilanthropyCapitaLand Hope Foundation (CHF)CapitaLand will donate up to 0.5% of annual net profit to CHFLaunch of CHFStaff Volunteers at Rach GiaFocuses on supporting underprivileged children’s education, shelater andhealthcare needsVolunteerism3 days Volunteer Service Leave, Volunteer Part-time Work Arrangementsand Volunteer No Pay leave.Staff Volunteer Expeditions in communities CapitaLand has presence inSupportive HR PoliciesCorporate Citizen for Philanthropy 2009Cityscape Awards for Real Estate in Asia, BestDeveloper (CSR) Award – CapitaLand MuchuanGreen Hope School31 CapitaLand Presentation *July 2011*

CL: Presentation Slides - "The Next Phase of Growth"
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