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Concept Maps

Concept Maps

History ExampleCreate a

History ExampleCreate a Foundations ofGeography concept mapusing the followingvocabulary words:Directional indicator,Equator, latitude, longitudeMercator Projection, PolarProjection, Prime Meridian,Relative location, RobinsonProjection, mental mapsphysical map, political map,thematic map

Science ExampleCreate a concept mapexplaining the conceptof cells and livingorganisms. Use thefollowing vocabularywords:Cell, Cell membrane, Cell wall, CytoplasmVacuole, Cell Theory, Chloroplasts,Mitochondria, Endoplasmic reticulum,Ribosome, Lissome, Golgi body, Nucleus,Cell cycle, Robert Hooke, Van LeeuwenhoekPlant cell, Animal cell, Microscope, SchleidenSchwann, Virchow, Robert Brown

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