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Low Iodine Diet Recipes - Thyroid Cancer Canada

Low Iodine Diet Recipes - Thyroid Cancer Canada

156Banana IceOne large

156Banana IceOne large banana makes one serving. Ripe bananas have more flavour. Figure out how many servings you want to make.1 large bananaProcedure1 Peel the bananas & cut them into slices (approx 1/2 inch each). Put them in a tray that can go in your freezer. Freeze for approximately 1 hour.2 If you are going to leave them in the freezer longer, remove from them from the pan and put them in a freezer bag or air-tight container. They shouldkeep for several weeks this way.3 Just before serving, remove the frozen bananas and whirl them in your blender or food processor. Serve right away.4 If you're feeling the need to be decadent, top the banana ice with a few chopped nuts or a teaspoon of jelly/jam.Servings: 1

157Easy Pineapple Sorbet1 can (about 20 ounces) pineapple chunks packed in juiceProcedure1 Pour the pineapple and juice into a long flat container and freeze. Prior to serving, take the container out of the fridge and let it sit at room temperaturefor about 10 minutes to soften. Use a fork to take out chunks of the block of frozen pineapple with juice. Process the pineapple chunks in a foodprocessor or blender. Process in smaller batches if you have a smaller processor.2 Serve immediately.3 You can re-freeze any leftovers and re-process them again for serving.Variations:1 - add sweetener (sugar, honey, maple syrup)2 - add other fruit or fruit juice - orange, lime, peach, mango, banana3 - add YÜ Rice Beverage or some LID friendly homemade almond milk or coconut milk (2 tbsp or so)4 - add some spice - cinnamon, nutmeg, whatever you want

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