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Paper 3: Climate Change Adaptation for Neophytes - UPEI Projects

Paper 3: Climate Change Adaptation for Neophytes - UPEI Projects


LINKING CLIMATE MODELS TO POLICY AND DECISION-MAKINGFIGURE 5The co-occurrence of the terms ‘adaptation’ and ‘mitigation’ in the CCA literature overtime. This is compared with the co-occurrence of the terms ‘adaptation’ and ‘mitigation’and ‘sustainable development.’pragmatic 13 assumption that CCA literature can be interpreted in terms offacilitating adaptation to human-induced climate change. As such, it is assumedthat articles can be systematically classified into functional categories, startingwith the most abstract or general topics and gradually leading towards morespecific or particular topics and applications. Ideally, the categorization processis driven by the articles themselves and their relationship to one other. An initialset of categories is proposed, and then articles are sorted according to thecontent inferred by their title, abstract or keywords 14 . In the sorting process,inconsistencies are revealed, and a new categorization is proposed. The processcontinues iteratively until a satisfactory structure is determined, and the articlessorted accordingly. The final scheme is intended to reveal implicit relationshipsbetween, and among articles given the aforementioned pragmatic end (Table 5).Before continuing, it should be pointed out that: 1) the SCOPUS datasetrepresents only a small (albeit privileged) portion of the CCA literature; and2) numerous other categorisation schemes are possible (although the literature13 In this case the term pragmatic is used in a philosophical sense (see James, 1907) wherein knowledge is at theservice of practise.14 The keywords provided by journals can be misleading; while some articles provide a handful meaningfulkeywords, others may be overly zealous, offering extensive lists that are barely relevant.62

PAPER 3 CLIMATE CHANGE ADAPTATION FOR NEOPHYTESTABLE 5CCA Literature Classification.1.0 THEORY1.1 ‘Adaptation’ and Ancillary Terms1.2 Other Theoretical Considerations2.0 DISCIPLINES2.1 Economics2.2 Political Science2.3 Sociology2.6 Development2.4 Ethics2.5 Communication & Education2.7 Law2.8 Psychology2.9 Anthropology3.0 METHOD3.1 DSS Systems Analysis3.1.1 Data3.1.2 Models3.1.3 Vetting3.2 Scale3.3 Integration4.0 SECTORS/RESOURCES4.1 Agriculture4.2 Water4.3 Forestry4.6 Health4.4 Infrastructure4.5 Wildlife/Ecosystem Services4.7 Tourism4.8 Energy4.9 Fisheries4.10 Emergency Services4.11 Transportation4.12 Service Sector5.0 GEOPOLITICAL PLACE5.1 Land-use Policy Issues5.2 Place5.2.1 Local5.2.2 Regional (National)5.2.3 National5.2.4 Regional (International)5.2.5 International/Global63

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