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Cigarette Burns -

Cigarette Burns -


FLASHBACKAn extreme CLOSE-UP of Kirby and Annie in bed, wrapped ineach others arms. She whispers, breathy and ethereal.FLASHBACKANNIEAre you my sweet man,Kirby?CLOSE-UPS. Disorienting. It's hard to tell where we are.Kirby holds a piece of foil and a lighter, cooks some heroinfor Annie to inhale the smoke.ANNIE (V.O.)(in that same whisper)Will you take care of me...always?SHOCK CUT TO:INT. THE VOGUE / OFFICE – LATERBOOM! Timpson, the projectionist, sets two film cans down,jarring Kirby out of his reverie. Kirby checks the clock.Kirby nods at the cans.KIRBYHey, Timpson. What's up?TIMPSONLast show'll be over inabout fifteen minutes.PROFONDO ROSSO, ready togo.KIRBYDid you take your souvenir?TIMPSONDude, it's Argento. Had todo it.Timpson slips the frame into a notebook binder he takes downfrom a shelf with hundreds of other cut frames, all labeled.He quickly writes a new label: "ARGENTO, PROFONDO ROSSO,1975."

KIRBYWhat's with you andcigarette burns?TIMPSONWhen you're watching a filmand one of those bugsappears, it lets youknow... something's aboutto happen... hold it comes. You takethem out, and all of asudden, it's anarchy.KIRBYAlright, well, try not toblow anything up while I'mgone, Mr. Anarchy.TIMPSONOh, did you get a newclient?KIRBYYep. It's an incredibleoffer, but the guy gives methe creeps.TIMPSONWhat film is it this time?KIRBYLA FIN ABSOLUE DU MONDE.Timpson considers Kirby for a moment, expecting a punchline.No shit?No shit.TIMPSONKIRBYINT. THE VOGUE / OFFICE - LATERKirby scans a tall bookshelf, pulling titles while hiscomputer warms up. A fairly impressive collection of filmcriticism from all over the world.A computer on a desk, open to a web browser. Kirby collapseson the couch, smoking, making notes on a stack of pages.

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