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Cigarette Burns -

Cigarette Burns -

ANNIE (V.O.)Kirby knows

ANNIE (V.O.)Kirby knows absolutelyeverything about movies,and the theater isbeautiful.INT. THE VOGUE / THEATER AUDITORIUM - DAY - FLASHBACKKirby and Annie stand together, both wired, blotchy, holloweyed.Obviously wrestling with addiction. No furniturehere. The place looks like it should be condemned.WALTER MATTHEWS stands across from them. Annie's father.Stern, poised, wearing a $5000 suit, grey at the temples.As Walter looks at the two of them and looks around thisdirty, depressing theater, Annie talks a mile a minute.ANNIEIt just needs a littlework. We can do itourselves. Think of it as awedding present.WALTER(measured)This all sounds good,sweetheart. Why don't youwait in the car while Kirbyand I work out the details?Walter's not asking. She kisses her father on the cheek,gives Kirby's hand a "good luck" squeeze, then goes. Walternever takes his eyes off Kirby.She leaves the two of them alone. Walter just stares atKirby, sizing him up. Kirby squirms a bit.Finally, Walter scowls as he takes out his check ledger.WALTERThis is not a gift. It's aloan.Walter writes a check and hands it over to Kirby.WALTERGet your shit together. Gether shit together. Don'tmake me sorry.FLASH CUT TO:

INT. BATHROOM – DAYAnnie in a tub in XCU, blood in the water around her.FLASH CUT TO:INT. THE VOGUE / OFFICE – NIGHTKirby shakes his head, as if trying to shake the memories.DISSOLVE TO:EXT. THE VOGUE - MORNINGTimpson puts up FUNNY GAMES and IRREVERSIBLE on the marquee.Parked across the street, someone we don't get a good lookat sits his car, hat down over his face. When he seesTimpson finish, he sits up, suddenly alert. He reaches overand opens his glove compartment.Inside, there's a gun.INT. THE VOGUE / LOBBY - MORNINGAs Timpson enters from outside, carrying the letter he tookdown, someone slips in after him.TIMPSONExcuse me, sir, but we'renot open yet.The person removes his hat, revealing that he is WalterMatthews. A few years have made all the difference. Helooks terrible, like sleep is a distant memory.TIMPSONOh... Mr. Matthews. Listen,Kirby's not here. I cantell him you came by...Too late. Kirby emerges from the back of the theater, andboth Timpson and Walter see him.TIMPSONOh, wow. Look at that.

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