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Cigarette Burns -

Cigarette Burns -


TIMPSON(CONT'D)What's he up to these days?KIRBYHe lives in New York...kind of a recluse. I'lltell you when I get back.DISSOLVE TO:EXT. MEYERS HOUSE - DAYKirby climbs out of a rental car in front of a rustic houseon an isolated lot. Tall trees surround the entire property.SUPERIMPOSE: UPSTATE NEW YORK CITYKirby heads up the front steps and knocks on the door. Hewaits for a long moment. He looks at the yard, the house,both in an advanced sense of disrepair.He knocks again.KIRBYMr. Meyers...?(beat)Mr. Meyers? Sir?Kirby knocks again. A slight shuffling sound in response.The door opens.KIRBYMr. Meyers, I'd like totalk to you. It'simportant. Please.From the other side of the door, inches away, as ifsomeone's crouched there, comes a diseased, leatherywhisper.Go away.MEYERS (O.S.)KIRBYSir, I just need a momentor two...MEYERS (O.S.)Who sent you?

KIRBYNo one sent me. I camebecause of something youwrote. A review.MEYERS (O.S.)I'm done with all of that.I won't discuss any...KIRBYIt's about LA FIN ABSOLUEDU MONDE.Silence.Then Kirby reaches out and opens the door with a push.INT. MEYERS'S ROOM - DAYAs Kirby steps in, he gets hit in the face with a wall ofstink. He gags, stops just inside the door.The room is dark. Stacks of paper are piled to the ceiling.Trash is everywhere.KIRBYMr. Meyers, did they handout press notes at theSitges screening?Meyers's voice comes from somewhere deeper in the room,behind all the papers. Meyers's nowhere in sight.They did.MEYERS (O.S.)KIRBYYou didn't save them... didyou?(pleased)I did.MEYERS (O.S.)Kirby looks around, trying to figure out if there's anyrhyme or reason to all the papers.KIRBYI'd love to see them... andanything else you've got onLA FIN ABSOLUE DU MONDE...

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