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Cigarette Burns -

Cigarette Burns -

MEYERS (O.S.)Dangerous.

MEYERS (O.S.)Dangerous. Backovic said,"Film, in the right hands,is a weapon." He was right.As Meyers talks, Kirby picks up a random stack of paper andflips open to a random page.KIRBY"If LA FIN ABSOLUE DU MONDEis not a movie, but morelike a bullet fireddirectly into thecollective brain pan ofall those assembled, thenthe only rational responseis violence."Kirby looks around at the mountains of books and paper, atthe mysterious dark stains in the corners.MEYERS (O.S.)We trust filmmakers. We sitin the dark, daring them toaffect us, secure in theknowledge they won't go toofar.Holding his hand over his mouth and nose, Kirby headsfurther into the study.KIRBYI read your review twice onthe plane, but I'm stillnot even sure what the filmwas about.MEYERS (O.S.)Hans Backovic was aterrorist. He abused thattrust we place infilmmakers. He didn't wantto hurt his audience. Hewanted to destroy themcompletely.KIRBYI've seen extreme gore, andit didn't make me crazy orviolent. What made LA FINABSOLUE DU MONDE...

Kirby steps around a corner and stops, confronted with thereality of AK MEYERS.KIRBY... so dangerous?Meyers's as thin a Holocaust survivor, dressed in filthy,stained pajamas, fingernails and hair like crazy HowardHughes. He sits huddled over his typewriter, his back toKirby, typing as they talk.MEYERSBackovic was brilliant.KIRBYBut all the violence in thetheater was anexaggeration... right?MEYERSIf anything, the incidentwas downplayed. I watchedfour people die. It smelledlike a slaughterhouse. Thecenter aisle was slick withblood.Kirby picks up another stack of pages to flip through. Moreof that same dense text about LA FIN ABSOLUE DU MONDE.MEYERSBackovic knew what he wasdoing. When Stravinski's"Rites Of Spring" premieredto riots, it was anaccident. LA FINABSOLUE DU MONDE was noaccident. He told me so.KIRBYYou spoke to Backovic?When?MEYERSAt the start of thefestival. He told meexactly what was going tohappen. I recorded thewhole interview.Kirby downplays his excitement. He didn't expect this.

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