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Cigarette Burns -

Cigarette Burns -

KIRBYCan I listen to

KIRBYCan I listen to that tape?MEYERSPeople weren't ready. Theystill aren't. That review Ipublished is a joke. Itdoesn't begin to describethe film. I was given theopportunity to be themessenger, and I failed.But you'll see... peoplewill understand... as soonas I finish my newreview...Meyers removes the page he just typed and puts it on theclosest stack, where Kirby can see it. That same dense textabout LA FIN ABSOLUE DU MONDE.KIRBYYour... new review?Kirby looks around at the thousands of stacked sheets allover the office, starting to make sense of things.KIRBYIs this... all... onereview?Meyers looks up at Kirby, disconcertingly close to him. He'sgot wide, dilated pupils, like he's tripping.MEYERSAlmost finished now.KIRBYThere's a chance a printstill exists. I've beenhired to find it.MEYERSTo what purpose?KIRBYTo show it, of course.Meyers fights a smile. His mouth is a foul hole, most of histeeth missing. He starts to cackle, a horrible, mirthlesssound.

MEYERSYou should know what you'regetting into.Meyers jumps up and darts over to a stack of boxes. Hestarts going through them, tossing the contents everywhere.MEYERSYou're right. The film isstill alive. Even if theytried to destroy it, theycouldn't. Some films aremeant to beseen.Finally, Meyers comes up with a bundle of audio tapes, oldreel-to-reels, held together by rubber bands. He also handsKirby a small player.MEYERSThese will change yourlife.As Kirby takes the tapes, Meyers grabs his wrist withsurprising strength.MEYERSBut promise me... promiseme... When you find thefilm... let me see itagain. I've dreamed aboutit every night forthirty years. Laying eyeson it again.Kirby pulls his wrist free and backs away. Meyers doesn'teven notice. He's lost in his memory now.MEYERSOnce you start this, youcan't shake it off and walkaway. It gets inside you.DISSOLVE TO:EXT. HOTEL - NIGHTA nice hotel, but nothing extravagant.SUPERIMPOSE: PARIS, FRANCE

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