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Cigarette Burns -

Cigarette Burns -


INT. HOTEL ROOM - MORNINGKirby wakes up suddenly, heart racing, in bed. The phone isringing. Meyers's recorder beside him is still running, thetape long since finished.Kirby takes a moment to get his bearings and calm down. Hepicks up the phone. The voice on the other end is cheery.Kirby hangs up, still shaky.VOICE (ON PHONE)(in French)Good morning! This is yourwake-up call!Fuck.KIRBYINT. CINEMATHEQUE - HENRI'S OFFICE - DAYHENRI COTILLARD, Chief Archivist, French Cinematheque. Hisname and title on the door. The office is packed with stacksof boxes, over-stuffed, so there's barely any room to walk.Henri's whip-thin, early 30's. The entire time they talk,Henri keeps his left hand tucked in his pocket.HENRISo you are on the huntagain, Kirby?KIRBYYeah, but this isn't likethe other times. I'mlooking for something thatmay not even exist anymore.HENRIYou chose an inopportunetime, I am afraid. We arereorganizing the archives.Everything's in boxes, asyou can see. If you give methe title...KIRBYLA FIN ABSOLUE DU MONDE.Henri reacts, but covers it well.

HENRI(French; subtitled)Vous êtes fou. (You are afool.)KIRBYMaybe I need to brush up onmy French, but it soundedlike you said...HENRIWho asked you to do this?KIRBYPrivate collector.HENRIThen he is the fool. Don'thelp him.KIRBYI don't have a lot ofoptions, Henri. I'm in debtup to my neck, and this onejob could turn that around.HENRIDon't do it for money,Kirby. It's not worth it.KIRBYThis guy came to me becausehe heard I could findanything. There's a part ofme that wants to prove he'sright. Beyond that... I'lladmit it... I'm curious tosee the film.HENRIHow much do you know aboutLA FIN ABSOLUE DU MONDE andHans Backovic?KIRBYNot enough. I talked to AKMeyers.HENRI(surprised)Nice choice. Most peoplestart with Sitges and tryto track it that way.

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