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Cigarette Burns -

Cigarette Burns -


KIRBYMost people?HENRIYou don't think you are thefirst to try and find thefilm, do you?KIRBYWell... if you know so muchabout it, then you can helpme find it.Henri points at some boxes on top of a stack in the corner.INT. OFFICE - DAYHENRIYou can use my assistant'soffice next door. But it'snot in there. You have toearn this movie.Kirby sits in an office identical to Henri's, surrounded byresearch materials, including the press notes that Meyersgave him. As Kirby looks over all the paper laid out infront of him, we see INSERTS of particular pages:From the press notes, an abbreviated crew list.Cinematography, art direction, editor, sound. All of themain departments. Oddly, no producer is listed.Next to each name, Kirby makes notes. "DEAD" next to everyname except two: Patton League and Hans Backovic.Next to League, Kirby writes, "Motion Picture Fund Home,LA -- will he talk?"INT. HENRI'S OFFICE – DAYKirby walks in, startling Henri in the middle ofsomething.Henri pushes some film cans to the side of hisdesk.KIRBYWhat do you know aboutPatton League?HENRIThe cinematographer?KIRBY

INT. HALLWAY - DAYYeah. Think he'd be able tohelp me?HENRITragic story, that. He wentblind after they made themovie. As I understand hewill not even speakBackovic's name. Lastperson to ask him about LAFINABSOLUE DU MONDE neededsix stitches from whereLeague smacked him with hiscane.KIRBYWhy all the mystery?There's a wall of silencearound this film... aroundBackovic's whole life. If Icould just talk to him...HENRIHe's dead.KIRBYYour records don't showanything about his death.HENRITrust me. Backovic is quitedead.KIRBYDid you hear that from hisfamily? His friends? Anyoneyou can introduce me to?HENRI(hesitates)I'm sorry. I can tell youno more.Kirby walks out of Henri's office, starts down the hall.He hears Henri pick up his phone and quickly dial a number,though, and he stops.

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