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Cigarette Burns -

Cigarette Burns -


IN BLACK, A MAN'S VOICE, INSINUATING, LOW, VAGUELY EUROPEAN.BACKOVIC (V.O.)Film is magic. And, in theright hands... a weapon.The unmistakable sound of a 35mm projector starts up, and aSINGLE BEAM of light splits the darkness. Then another beamof light appears beside the first one, as --EXT. DRIVEWAY - NIGHT-- an early-90’s Sentra pulls up and stops at a largesecurity gate. The driver rolls the window down.KIRBY SWEETMAN. Late-20’s, scruffy, with tired eyes and theghost of a smile.KIRBYHi. You called me? From TheVogue?The gate swings open wide in response.EXT. BELLINGER’S HOUSE – NIGHTHuge, beautiful, secluded, the property completelysurrounded by trees and high walls. Kirby climbs out of hiscar.FUNG steps out of the front door to greet Kirby, a thin,impeccably dressed Chinese man in his late-50's.INT. STUDY – NIGHTFUNGYou're late. Mr. Bellingeris waiting.Kirby follows Fung into this large, lushly-appointed study.The walls are covered in movie posters, framed photographs,movie memorabilia dating back to the silent era.WOLF BELLINGER rises to greet Kirby. He's in his 70's,elegant, very old world European. Tall. Still powerful.KIRBYYou have an incrediblecollection.

BELLINGERYes, I know. I'm sure youhave some rare pieces ofyour own.Kirby moves through the study, fascinated by everything.KIRBYNot really. Can't affordit.BELLINGERIt must be torture, huntingdown pieces for others. Tohave something in yourhands, only to give it upimmediately.KIRBYThere are perks. When Itrack down a rare print, Ialso get to screen it...quality assurance purposes,of course.BELLINGEROf course.Kirby stops in front of one particular poster, a giant foursheetfrom 1971. A kaleidoscope of images, hard to digest atfirst glance. Kirby runs his fingers over the title.KIRBYLA FIN ABSOLUE DU MONDE.BELLINGERWhat do you know about it?KIRBYThe film played once. Theclosing night premiere atthe Festival Internacionalde Cinema Fantastic deSitges.Kirby considers the poster again before continuing.Something hypnotic about the tapestry of suggestive imagesand half-glimpsed horrors.

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