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Cigarette Burns -

Cigarette Burns -


Exactly.KIRBYHENRIThen it has started. You'realready in it. It will onlyget worse from here.KIRBYWhat is? What's happeningto me?HENRIThe more you look for thisfilm, the more you will seethose burns. You're goingto pay for every stepcloser you take. Iam trying to do you afavor. I'm telling you towalk away because I likeyou, Kirby. I've been whereyou are right now. I'vefelt that same buildingcuriosity, like anunscratchable itch. I hadto know. I had to see it.Henri finally removes his left hand from his pocket andholds it up.The skin is scarred, as if terribly burnt, and three of thefingers are fused together.HENRII was the projectionistthat night. The faces inthe room... famous andbeautiful people from allover Europe. When Ithreaded the film into theprojector, I saw those samedots you described. When Iactually started itrunning, I... Ilooked away. I lost mynerve. It was playing rightthere, right in front ofme... and I was toofrightened to watch.Kirby studies the hand nervously.

HENRIWhen the screaming started,and the smell of blood hitme, I tried to stop thefilm. The projectorwouldn't shut off,and I grabbed the film torip it out. And then I sawthose same circles, and...(shakes his head)I don't know. I must haveblacked out. Time seemed todrop away. When I came to,the film was over, and myhand...KIRBYI appreciate you trying toprotect me. But I needthis. I won't watch themovie. I won't show themovie at my theater. I'lljust give it to thiscollector and walk away. Ipromise.Henri thinks about it. He can see how desperate Kirby is.He reaches into his wallet and takes out a card.HENRIIf I were you, I would notcall this number. This manhas an excellentcollection, but he'sdangerous.Kirby examines the card. There's a name: DALIBOR HUPTMANN.KIRBYDoes he have the film?HENRINo, but he does have itemsgiven to him by theBackovic estate. God knowswhy. He can get in touchwith them.EXT. 2ND ARRONDISSEMENT - AFTERNOONKirby's in a cab, drives slowly past a few garment factoryshops, then stops in front of a very old warehouse building.Kirby climbs out, looks up and down the street, sees no one.

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