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Cigarette Burns -

Cigarette Burns -

He knocks hard on the

He knocks hard on the oversized metal door.Two guys walk out the front door, thick-necked, ruddy men intheir 40's, KASPAR and HORST.Kirby looks back over at the cab. The CAB DRIVER, a tiredlookingFrench woman in her 30's, has her window down.INT. WAREHOUSE - AFTERNOONKIRBY(in French; subtitled)Je serai de retour dans 20minutes. (I'll be out intwenty minutes.)There's nothing in this room. It looks like this placehasn't been used in quite a while. Horst motions for Kirbyto wait. Horst and Kaspar vanish into a different room,leaving Kirby alone.Muffled voices from the next room. Coarse laughter. Kirbysteels his nerve as DALIBOR HUPTMANN emerges.Tall, powerfully-built, shirtless, with a tattoo running upboth arms that connects around his neck, a strip of filmcomplete with sprockets.Dalibor sets down the only thing he carries, a crate withthe label, "LA FIN ABSOLUE DU MONDE" on the side.KIRBYIt's not for me. It's for aclient.DALIBORBut you're curious, aren'tyou? If Henri sent you tome, then you've had yourfirst glimpses.KIRBYGlimpses of what?DALIBORIt's different foreveryone. What you seeisn't the important part.It's the way you's what the film does toyou that matters.

Kirby pokes through the contents of the crate. He brings outa sheath of publicity stills.KIRBYHave you seen the film?No.DALIBORKIRBYWould you watch it if youhad the chance?DALIBOROf course.Kirby flips through the photos. Each still has the title atthe bottom of the image, with the director's credit.The first image is strikingly composed, a stern, grizzledman in his 40's, the PROTAGONIST of the film. He stands inthe center of a field, shaking his fist at the sky andbellowing.KIRBYIs it true you're in touchwith the Backovic estate?DALIBORI've got a number I'vecalled a few times. I'vemanaged to pry a few itemsloose. Backovic's widow canbe difficultto deal with.The second image shows the Protagonist again, running alonga country road. The image looks like it's been hand-paintedwith a blood-red sky. Kirby looks closely at theProtagonist's face, distorted by fear.DALIBOR(smiles)I admire a man likeBackovic. Unafraid totransgress... in life andin art.As Kirby sets the still down and looks at the next one,Dalibor glances over at the door to the back room.

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