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Cigarette Burns -

Cigarette Burns -

Horst opens the door

Horst opens the door slightly and peeks out, quietly, soKirby doesn't notice.DALIBORI've always wanted to makemy own films, but I detestthe falseness of Hollywood.I would rather die thanmake something false. Don'tyou agree?KIRBYYeah, sure.The next still shows a WINGED MAN being chased by a group ofCHILDREN. The Willowy Being from Bellinger's house, itswings spread out, in terrible pain!Jesus...KIRBYHe looks up at Dalibor and suddenly realizes Horst andKaspar are right there, right on top of him.They grab his arms, and Kirby struggles to pull free.Dalibor pulls out a syringe. When Kirby sees it, he goescrazy, but Horst and Kaspar hold him tight.DALIBORDon't leave, Mr. Sweetman.There's so much more totalk about.Dalibor sticks Kirby in the arm.DALIBORWhat is it you Americanssay? "Relax. Chill out."Before Kirby can respond, he sags, and everything goes --BLACKIn the darkness, Annie can be heard, crying out in pain.Kirby runs through the darkness towards the sound.INT. BATHROOM - DAY - FLASHBACKThe same bathroom we've seen twice before now. Kirby nearlytakes the door off the hinges as he bursts in.

Annie lies in the bathtub, naked. The tub spills over withbloody water. She's as pale as a corpse, no heavier thaneighty pounds.He stops cold when he takes in the sight.Annie reaches out to Kirby. Blood pumps from her slashedwrist, spraying Kirby's shirt and face!SHOCK CUT TO:INT. WAREHOUSE - NIGHTKirby comes back to consciousness with a jump. He's tied toa chair, hands behind him. He's not the only one tied up.The Cab Driver struggles in another chair, tied and gagged.A 16mm camera focused on her. Horst stands behind it.Dalibor steps into the room, transformed. He wears a leatherhood to completely cover his face, and holds a machete.When the Cab Driver sees Dalibor, she goes crazy, strugglingto slip free of her restraints. He takes his time walkingout in front of the camera.He swings the blade several times right above her, testingit, enjoying the sound as it cuts through the air. Swoosh.Swoosh. Swoosh. And he keeps getting closer.DALIBORThe blade of a splicingtable can be used to createa lie, or to tell thetruth. It all depends whosehand it's in.SWOOSH! SWOOSH! He stops, looking down at her, and by now,she's not struggling. All her attention is focused on thatblade. She's even forgotten the camera.DALIBORThis may be larger than anactual splicing blade, butyou get the point.He swings the blade again, but this time, he brings it downhard, burying it in the Cab Driver's neck!There's no blood. Not at first. Not until he pulls the bladeloose. There's a sudden pulse, a hot arterial spray.

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