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Cigarette Burns -

Cigarette Burns -

She tries to scream, but

She tries to scream, but the sound is strangled, weak.Before she can scream again, Dalibor swings the blade, hardenough to make it almost all the way through her neck. Herhead falls sideways, so Kirby is looking directly into hereyes as she dies.DALIBORI believe in truth.Finally, Kirby finds his voice, not even managing to get outa word. It's just a sound of horror and fear.Kirby struggles to get free, to no avail, going crazy.Dalibor chops savagely at her neck, over and over, until hemanages to cut her head off completely. Kirby closes hiseyes to avoid seeing any more.Dalibor picks her head up by the hair and walks towardKirby.Horst pans the camera, following the action.DALIBOROne take. One uninterruptedshot. The only cut was toher. This is truth.KIRBY"Truth"? What the fuck areyou talking about? You justkilled someone.DALIBORNo, I didn't. I turned herinto art. Something happenswhen you point the cameraat something terrible...the resulting film takes onpower.KIRBYNo. It doesn't. Snuff isn'tpowerful. It doesn't revealsome greater truth.SWOOSH! SWOOSH! Dalibor swings the machete, uncomfortablyclose to Kirby's face.KIRBYIT'S JUST MURDER!

DALIBORYou are not listening, myfriend. You come all thisway, then you don't listen.You want to understand whyLA FIN ABSOLUE DU MONDEtore through audiences?Dalibor steps up close to Kirby and raises his blade. Kirbydoesn't flinch away, like he's daring Dalibor to do it.DALIBORBackovic was an exceptionaleditor. He understood thevalue of a cut...Dalibor brings the blade down ---- and tosses it aside!DALIBOR... but there was more toit.Dalibor sits down on Kirby's lap, facing him. Kirby can't doanything to stop him.INSERTDALIBORThey say the movie workssubliminally while you'rewatching, but the thingthat made the film aweapon... blood. Spilledblood.KIRBYLA FIN ABSOLUE DU MONDE isa snuff movie?DALIBORWhat if you got hold of anangel? A Divine Being withthe blood of God flowingthrough its veins? And whatif you sacrificed it... oncamera?For just a moment, Kirby sees the Willowy Being inBellinger's atrium, sorrow like a shroud.

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