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Cigarette Burns -

Cigarette Burns -

KIRBYFuck you,

KIRBYFuck you, psycho.Dalibor begins to cry, bleeding even more now.KIRBYTell me where the film is.Dalibor can't catch his breath. As he tries harder, thesound is awful, and he begins to shake, desperate.KIRBYTell me who I have to talkto.He raises his hand to punch Dalibor again. Dalibor shakeshis head, manages one word very clearly:NO!DALIBORKirby hesitates, and Dalibor takes a moment, holding histhroat, trying to get his breath as he points at the crateagain.KIRBYWhat? You have the film?Dalibor shakes his head again.DALIBOR... Katja.Dalibor stops moving, and a moment later, that rattlingwheeze stops, too. He's dead.Kirby walks over and picks up the crate. He roots around init and finally comes up with an oversized envelope. Thereturn address is for "Katja Backovic."The address is in Vancouver.INT. HOTEL ROOM - MORNINGKirby bursts into the room and begins to pack as quickly ashe can, freaked out, panicked. As he reaches to open anotherdrawer, he catches sight of blood on his sleeve.And then, all at once, it's like the last twelve hourscatches up, and he just crumbles, weeping.

But not for long. He regains his composure as best as hecan, and he picks up the phone, dials the front desk.As he waits for the response --KIRBYBonjour. Can you connect meto Air France, s'il vousplaît?DISSOLVE TO:EXT. VANCOUVER SKYLINE – DAYDowntown Vancouver. Tall apartment buildings.SUPERIMPOSE: VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIAEXT. APARTMENT BUILDING - DAYKirby steps up to the front of one particular building andchecks the security panel. He finds one name in particular:"PENTHOUSE -- BAKOVIC"Kirby hits the button next to the name and waits for a longmoment. He's about to buzz again when the speaker cracklesto life.Yes?KATJA (ONINTERCOM)KIRBYMrs. Backovic?No response.KIRBYMrs. Backovic, I've come along way to see you.Please.After another long pause, there's a buzz and a clicking, andthe front door opens.

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