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Cigarette Burns -

Cigarette Burns -

KATJAThis is still very

KATJAThis is still very much hishouse. He's in every room.Hans moved us here becausehe thought it would becomea place to make films moreaffordably than Hollywoodcould. Twenty years later,he's right.KIRBYI have so many questions.KATJAI'm not sure I have theanswers you're lookingfor... but we'll see.First, though, let's takeof your forehead.Kirby reaches up and realizes his forehead is bleeding.KIRBYI didn't even realize.TIME CUT:INT. PENTHOUSE - DAYKirby sits on a plush couch as Katja cleans and bandages hisvarious cuts and contusions.KIRBYDo you have a print of LAFIN ABSOLUE DU MONDE?KATJAThat's not what you want toknow. You want to know ifthe stories about the filmare true.Are they?KIRBYKATJAYes. Unfortunately. Why areyou looking for the film?KIRBYBecause I'm being paid.

KATJAThat's an excuse. Ifsomeone paid you to kill aman, would you?KIRBYNo. Of course not.KATJABut you've been warnedabout this. LA FIN ABSOLUEDU MONDE is no ordinaryfilm.KIRBYY'know what? Everyone'ssaid that to me, likethat's going to convince meto back off. I don't wantan ordinary film. Iwant to see somethingextraordinary.KATJAYou sound exactly likeHans. He was willing to doanything to make his filmsstand out.KIRBYWho produced the movie?KATJAYou're very direct.KIRBYI want to hear somebody sayit. I'm tired ofsuggestions and hints. Whoproduced the film?KATJAI asked Hans that samequestion... many times."The Producers of this filmhave produced many things.Chaos. Sorrow. Suffering.Famine."KIRBYWhat does that mean? TheDevil?KATJA

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