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Cigarette Burns -

Cigarette Burns -

Hans never put a name

Hans never put a name onit. "Evil is evil," hewould say. "Does a namereally matter?"Katja steps back, checks the fresh bandage on his head.INT. PENTHOUSE - STUDIO - DAYKATJALooks like you'll live.Come with me. I havesomething to show you.Kirby follows Katja into a room that's been converted intoan editing studio. An old fashioned KEM flatbed editingtable sits dormant.KIRBYThis is nice.KATJAHe kept it all state-ofthe-artuntil the year hedied.KIRBYHow did he die? There wasnever an official obituary.KATJAHans became obsessed withLA FIN ABSOLUE DU MONDE.During the last year of hislife, all he did is watchit. Like a punishment.INT. PENTHOUSE - STUDIO - NIGHT - FLASHBACKHANS BACKOVIC sits at the sound mixing console, watchesimages on a screen we can't see. Backovic slows everythingdown, backs it up.KATJA (V.O.)In the end, he got tooclose to the fire. The filmwas too effective.Backovic stops for a moment, peers into the deep shadows atthe corners of the room, cocks his head, listens:A low hiss, a whisper, a name... "Backovic."

Backovic looks back at his screen. All we see is the lightas it plays across his face.KATJA (V.O.)It got inside him. It madehim crazy.Backovic shakes, like he's having a seizure, then suddenlystops. His face goes slack, as he stands up and heads forthe door.INT. PENTHOUSE - STUDIO - DAYEmotion stops Katja for a moment. She blinks back tears.KATJAHe stopped in the kitchenbefore he came to find mein the bedroom.She opens her shirt at the throat, just a bit, enough toexpose an awful white scar.KATJAHe meant to kill us both,but when Hans cut mythroat, he only disfiguredme. When he cut his ownthroat, he died. I'm notsure I got the better deal.She covers her throat again, can barely look at Kirby, thepain still fresh even this many years later.KATJAI was left to take care ofLA FIN ABSOLUE DU MONDE. Ihate the film, and Iunderstand the power of it.I wish it had never beenmade.(pause)Do you understand whatthat's like, Kirby? Wantingto do penance forsomething, but knowing it'stoo late?INT. BATHROOM - DAY - FLASHBACKKirby pulls Annie out of the tub, tries to hold her slashedwrists closed.

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