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Cigarette Burns -

Cigarette Burns -

He pulls her close,

He pulls her close, wails, the entire flashback silent.INT. PENTHOUSE - STUDIO - DAYKirby tries to hold back sudden, unexpected tears.KIRBYYeah. I do.KATJAPeople said terrible thingsabout Hans. Some peoplesaid he deserved his death.Maybe he did. But I misshim terribly.KIRBYMrs. Backovic...Katja.KATJAKIRBYKatja. Can I see the print?Please.Katja thinks about it for a long moment, until Kirby openshis mouth to say something.Before he can, she stands up and walks over to the corner,where she clears away a few boxes.Two films cans rest on the heating vent.KATJAI put it there half-hopingit would get ruinedsomehow. Hasn't worked yet.I hate even having it inthe house.Kirby walks over and turns the cans around.Written on the side of each: LA FIN ABSOLUE DU MONDE.KIRBYEver since I started tryingto track it down, I've beenseeing flashes. Circles inthe air, with somethinginside.

KATJAThe cigarette burns.KIRBYRight. Exactly. And everytime I do...KATJATerrible things happen.(Kirby nods)When did they start?KIRBYI heard a tape of aninterview with Hans. Assoon as I heard hisvoice...KATJA... you were marked. That'show potent LA FIN ABSOLUEDU MONDE is. It doesn'tjust affect you when youwatch it. As soon as youstart getting close to it,it rubs off on you, likeyou stepped in quicksand.So go ahead... take thefilm.Kirby picks the cans up as Katja watches sadly.KATJAIt's already too late.EXT. BELLINGER'S HOUSE - NIGHTKirby's car pulls up to Bellinger's gate. The gate swingsopen and Kirby heads up toward the house.Bellinger walks out his front door as Kirby walks around tohis trunk to open it. He stands back so Bellinger can seethe two film cans.Bellinger's so excited he's almost dancing, dressed likehe's going out for an evening of theater.He hands Kirby a check for $200,000.BELLINGERWorth every penny.

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