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Cigarette Burns -

Cigarette Burns -

KIRBYViolence erupted in

KIRBYViolence erupted in thetheater. When the director,Hans Backovic, tried to getthe film out of thecountry, the governmentseized and destroyed it.They didn’t realize it wasa work-in-progress... hisonly copy. He quit thebusiness, and the film hasnever been seen by anyoneexcept that one audience.BELLINGERThe government didn’tdestroy it.Kirby walks over to the opposite wall, where a pair ofwings, seven feet from tip to tip, have been mounted andframed.KIRBYWhat are these?BELLINGERA prop... from the film.I'm a bit obsessive aboutLA FIN ABSOLUE DU MONDE,you see.KIRBYWhy this particular film?BELLINGERIt's the ultimate dare.Survive this and one cansurvive anything. I'd givealmost anything to see it.KIRBYI showed a double-featureof NEKROMANTIC and IN MYSKIN at The Vogue and atleast a dozen peoplefainted or threw up.

BELLINGERI have a collection of over8,000 films. The mostextreme images created bysome of the most obscurefilmmakers to ever pick upa camera. I’m not about todrag you up here in themiddle of the night forsomething that made aschoolgirl dizzy. I’mtalking about real power.KIRBYWere you at the festivalwhen it played?BELLINGERYes. I even had tickets forthe screening. But I’d seenBackovic’s previous worksand wasn’t impressed. Iwent to see THE ABOMINABLEDR. PHIBES instead, hopingto meet Vincent Price.Bellinger reaches into one of his desk drawers and takes outa folder full of documents.BELLINGERIn '83, the Rotterdam FilmFestival announced ascreening. By the time I'dflown there, they hadalready cancelled it,saying it was an error. Thefact that the venue burneddown might have hadsomething to do with it.Bellinger tosses the folder to Kirby.BELLINGEREvery mention of the filmsince 1971, every rumorabout undergroundscreenings, the officialreport from Sitges...KIRBYWhy are you giving me allthis?

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