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Cigarette Burns -

Cigarette Burns -

KIRBYI tried. I know I

KIRBYI tried. I know I screwedup. I know it's my faultshe ever tried heroin.WALTERYOU'RE GODDAMN RIGHT ITIS!!He hits Kirby with the gun, across the face.KIRBYYou want to do this, let'sgo somewhere else. But nothere. Not now.WALTERI've been waiting to dothis... fantasizing aboutit, really. But I never hadan opportunity. I didn'twant to throw my lifeaway... and now... if youget shot here... what doesit matter? Who's going tonotice? Just one morefreak on the stack ofbodies tomorrow.KIRBYYOU DON'T WANT TO DO THIS!WALTERYES! I DO!From the projection booth comes the sound of one projectorshutting down, plunging the screening room into darkness.Kirby jumps forward and grabs Walter's gun hand.As they struggle, Kirby looks up at the screen. He seesanother of those flashes -- a cigarette burn that hangs infront of the screen for a few seconds.The second projector starts, and Kirby finds himself lookingup at the opening titles, in French, for LA FIN ABSOLUE DUMONDE.KIRBYWALTER! PLEASE! WE HAVE TOLEAVE!

There's a second cigarette burn that appears in front of thescreen and the whole world FADES TO WHITE --INT. BELLINGER'S SCREENING ROOM - LATER-- and when Kirby comes to, he's sitting in the screeningroom, right in the middle.There is blood on his hands. Blood up to his wrists. Bloodon his shirt, on his face. But none of it is his.Walter sits on the floor in front of the screen, crying.There's blood on his shirt, too, but it's his own. His gunlays on the floor.In front of them --WALTER... crazy fucker... crazyfuck...ONSCREENLA FIN ABSOLUE DU MONDE. Blown-out 16mm handheld. ThePROTAGONIST we saw in the stills, on that desolate countryroad. Above him, the hand-colored sky throbs a menacing red.There are several QUICK CUTS in the film. Flashes of things,subliminal almost. A mouth clamped around bleeding flesh.Hands clawing at a wall, fingernails crumbling. A manstanding silhouetted in a doorway with a long knife in hand.INT. BELLINGER'S SCREENING ROOM – NIGHTKirby tries to stand up. But he's too weak.ONSCREENA group of CHILDREN surround the wounded Angel, the WillowyBeing with its wings intact, attacking it with sticks androcks, laughing the entire time.There's a "bug" in the corner of the screen as the reelends.INT. BELLINGER'S SCREENING ROOM - NIGHTKirby coughs as if punched, spraying a burst of blood.

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