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Cigarette Burns -

Cigarette Burns -


BELLINGERIsn't it obvious? I wantyou to locate the print forme.KIRBYTracking down rare printscan be costly under thebest of circumstances. LAFIN ABSOLUE DU MONDE isinfamous. Beyond rare. Theydestroyed the movie. If itwas still out there, Iwould have heard of it.BELLINGERIt's out there. I assureyou. My source isunimpeachable.KIRBYHow can you be sure?Bellinger fixes Kirby with a frightening smile.INT. ATRIUM - NIGHTThe door opens and Kirby steps into this atrium and stops,not quite sure what he's looking at.In the center of the room, a tall WILLOWY BEING standschained at the wrists and the ankles. White as chalk,completely androgynous, bruised from a fresh beating.The Being turns to Kirby, mouth open, and makes a terriblysad sound, anguish and pain.As it turns away, Kirby gets a good look at the Being'sback. Two long ragged wounds run the full length of itsback, unmistakably the stumps of wings, partially healed.They twitch, as if still trying to fly.As Kirby backs away, horrified, he runs into Bellinger.KIRBYWhat the hell is this?

BELLINGERAs you can see, I collectmore than movies, Mr.Sweetman. Meet one of thestars of LA FIN ABSOLUE DUMONDE.Bellinger fishes an ice cube out of his drink and tosses it,bouncing it off the Being's head.BELLINGERTell Mr. Sweetman what youtold me.The Being speaks, its voice as ambiguous as its appearance.WILLOWY BEINGWe are part of the movie,bound to the negative, likesoul to flesh. If it hadbeen destroyed... we wouldknow.Bellinger fixes Kirby with a cold, emotionless stare.BELLINGERI've done terrible thingsin my life. I know fullwell what will happen tothis desiccated cobweb Icall a soul. Call mecrazy... but I wanted atleast a taste of Heavenbefore an eternity of Hell.Kirby can't take it. He opens the door, ready to leave.BELLINGERMoney is no object. I’llpay every expense youincur, and I'll pay you$100,000 on top of it.Kirby stops, stunned by the offer.$100,000?KIRBY

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