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Child & Youth Mental Health Algorithm - GPSC

Child & Youth Mental Health Algorithm - GPSC

Not at all Somewhat

Not at all Somewhat Pretty much Very much N/A Diagnoses(0) (1) (2) (3)DEPRESSION (CONT'D)Agitated or sluggish, slowed downSEVERITYDecreased concentration or indecisivenessPast suicide attempts # SeriousMANIA 296.0(manic) .6(mixes) .5(depressed)Distinct period of consistent elevated or irritable mood Yes No Must be presentGrandiose, sudden increase in self esteemDecreased need for sleepRacing thoughtsToo talkative and speech seems pressuredSudden increase in goal directed activity, agitatedHigh risk activities (spending money, promiscuity)≥3 >1wk/3 (≥3)SOCIAL SKILLS 299Makes poor eye contact or unusual body languageFailure to make peer relationshipsLack of spontaneous sharing of enjoymentLacks reciprocity or sensitivity to emotional needs of othersLanguage delay or lack of language communicationDifficulty communicating, conversing with othersSpeaks in an odd, idiosyncratic or monotonous speechLack of creative, imaginative play or social imitationIntensely fixated on one particular interestRigid sticking to nonfunctional routines or ritualsPreoccupied with objects and parts of objectsRepetitive motor mannerisms (hand flapping, spinning)PSYCHOSIS 295Has disorganized, illogical thoughtsHears voices or sees thingsConviction that others are against or will hurt themPeople can read their thoughts, or vice versaBelief that the television is talking specifically to themA fixed belief that is out of touch with realityThought sequence does not make senseSUBSTANCE ABUSEExcessive alcohol (> 2 drinks/day, > 4 drinks at once) 305Smokes cigarettesDaily marijuana useUse of any other street drugsAbuse of prescription drugs102 Version: January 2011. Refer to for latest updates.WSR 3/5

Not at all Somewhat Pretty much Very much N/A Diagnoses(0) (1) (2) (3)SLEEP DISORDERS 307.4SEVERITYAgitated or sluggish, slowed downHas difficulty falling asleepHas difficulty staying asleepHas abnormal sleep patterns during the day 347Unanticipated falling asleep during the day 307.4Sleep walking 307.4Has nightmares 307.45Falls asleep late and sleeps in late 3.27Sleep schedule changes from day to dayExcessive snoringA feeling of restless legs while trying to sleepObserved to have sudden kicking while asleep 780.57Observed to have difficulty breathing at nightELIMINATION DISORDERS 307Wets the bed at nightWets during the daySoils selfEATING DISORDERS 307Vomits after meals or bingingUnderweight and refuses to eat 307.1Distorted body imagePicky eaterHigh junk food dietLEARNING DISABILITIES 315Delayed expressive languageStutteringProblems articulating words 315Below grade level in reading 315.1Below grade level in math 315.2Trouble with writing (messy, tiring, avoids writing)Variable performance in schoolUnderachieves at school relative to potential 315.4DEVELOPMENTAL COORDINATION DISORDERDifficulty with gross motor skills (i.e. gym, sports, biking)ClumsyDifficulty with fine motor (buttons, shoe laces, cutting)WSR 4/5103

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