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Chapters - OSU Alumni Association

Chapters - OSU Alumni Association

We will also coordinate

We will also coordinate publicizing your event in OSUAA communication vehiclesincluding:• STATE Magazine (distributed three times per year)• OrangeBytes e-mail newsletter (distributed monthly)• alumni websiteOnline News StoriesWe encourage you to send us details about events and happenings related to yourchapter for publishing on the website and its accompanyingsocial networks. Materials can be submitted to Josh Pulver and a member of thecommunications team will contact you to follow up if additional information is neededfor publishing.CalendarsThe Association maintains a number of calendars that your events can be publicized on.When your event information is submitted, it will be added to the main calendar, your individual chapter calendar on your chapter website andcalendars on accompanying social networks Facebook and MySpace. Oklahomachapters will also have their event information submitted to OSU-related outletsincluding and Registration and RSVPThe website offers you several options for online eventregistrations, including the sale of tickets and sponsorships or simple, free RSVPs. Almostany type of information can be requested using these services, including guest names, t-shirt sizes, meal choices, etc. Any information that you would like to request using anevent registration should be submitted at least 8 weeks in advance of the event.Each chapter is allowed two e-mails to promote an event to its members – an initialnotice of the event and a subsequent follow up/reminder. These e-mails are sent to ageographic region around your chapter’s city based on zip code. Additional informationregarding Association membership and programming may be included with yourchapter e-mail.Chapter WebsiteYour chapter will be provided its own website on along with anaccompanying friendly URL – ex. Each chapter websitewill contain a welcome message from the chapter, an individual chapter calendar, alisting of chapter officers and their contact information, chapter photo albums and linksof interest for chapter members. Your webpage will be maintained by acommunications staff member at the Association – any addition or change will need tobe submitted to Josh Pulver.- 9 -

Chapter EmailYour chapter will be provided its own e-mail address to accompany your website – The e-mail address is intended for generalcommunications with your members and can be placed on news stories and events. Thee-mail service is powered by Google and works just like Gmail, only with the Username and password information will be provided to youby Josh Pulver.Social NetworksThe Association maintains a presence on several major social networks, includingFacebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and Twitter. These networks allow the Association tofurther connect with members across the U.S. and are used to further promote chapternews and events. Each chapter is encouraged to promote its members to become fans,friends, members or followers of the Association’s social networks as they are a free andeasy way to maintain an electronic connection with the Association.In addition, the Association will use these networks to publicize your news and events,some of which can be targeted to your geographic area. Chapters are discouraged fromcreating their own social identities as this could lead to confusion among members andduplicated efforts of Association staff and chapter officers.The communications team is happy to work with you in promoting your chapterthrough our social networks and encourages your participation in creating andmaintaining content on them.Facebook AdvertisingYou can promote your Chapter news and events by advertising on Facebook, whichcontains more than 50,000 members who list Oklahoma State as their alma mater. TheAssociation will create and manage your ad on Facebook that you request with yourevent but the Chapter will be responsible for payments for the ad.Ads can be targeted by age, gender, relationship status, location (individual cities orstates) and relationship to OSU (current student, alumni). They can also be targeted byinterests (baseball, eating out, etc.) Ads can be linked to any website address like yourChapter homepage or an event registration.The cost of Facebook advertising greatly varies and can be fixed on a daily budget (ex.$10 a day). Contact Chase Carter at 405.744.2066 for more information on Facebookadvertising.University and Association LogosAll official OSUAA and OSU logos are available for you to use in an official capacity. Ifyou need to use an OSUAA or OSU logo, please contact Josh Pulver at the OSUAAoffice and we will email it to you.Please Note: The OSUAA logo was recently updated. If you would like to use theOSUAA logo in your materials, please do not use the old logo. We can send you a new- 10 -

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