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Chapters - OSU Alumni Association

Chapters - OSU Alumni Association


OSU Alumni Association Chapter Bylaws (Suggested)Oklahoma State University Alumni Chapter of(Contact Josh Pulver for electronic version)ARTICLE INAME(City, Area, etc.)∗The name of this organization shall be the ___________________________________________OSU Alumni Chapter of the OSU Alumni Association (OSUAA) established on___________________ (date). This organization is chartered as an alumni chapter by theNational Board of Directors of the OSUAA.ARTICLE IIPURPOSETo advance the interest and promote the welfare of the University by:* strengthening the ties of the University with its alumni and with the community;* providing a meeting ground for alumni and friends of the University;* informing the alumni and the community about the University's plans and needs.ARTICLE IIIMEMBERSHIPAny graduate, former student, faculty member, or friend of Oklahoma State University shall beentitled to membership in the chapter.ARTICLE IVDIRECTORS, OFFICERS & COMMITTEESThe Directors, Officers and Committee members must hold membership in the OSUAA.Section 1THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS is the governing body that determines the policy, goals andmanagement objectives of the chapter. The board shall consist of________ members plus theelected officers. Half of the Directors shall be elected each year and shall serve for a term of twoyears. The immediate Past President of the chapter shall serve as an ex-officio, voting member ofthe Board of Directors.Section 2THE OFFICERS of this chapter shall consist of President, President-elect and Secretary/Treasurer.These officers shall be elected for a term of one year. Their duties are as follows:21

PRESIDENT: The president oversees overall chapter operation. The president shallpreside at all meetings of the chapter and shall be an ex-officio member of every committee.Should an officer or board of director position become vacant, the president may fill theremaining term by appointment, subject to approval by the board of directors. The presidentappoints committee chairs and performs other duties that generally pertain to the office of thepresident.PRESIDENT-ELECT: In the absence of the president, or at the request of thepresident, the president-elect shall perform the duties of the president. The president elect willserve the next term as president.SECRETARY/TREASURER: The secretary/treasurer shall keep minutes of allchapter meetings; maintain the membership roster and the board of directors’ roster; superviseall receipts and expenditures for all meetings, programs, and events; submit copies of minutesand appropriate rosters to the OSUAA Office in Stillwater.Section 3COMMITTEES: The Executive Committee shall consist of the elected officers and immediate pastpresident. This committee should meet regularly to discuss programs of the chapter andprogress being made.Other committees may include but are not limited to:* Student recruitment* Membership/record update* Nomination* Scholarship fundraising* Social* Governmental relations and public affairs* Public RelationsThe president shall appoint committee chairs.Section 4ELECTIONS shall be held each year at the time of the annual meeting. The newly elected officersshall begin their terms of office July 1 of every year. Elections will be by majority vote of themembership present.ARTICLE VPROGRAMS & ACTIVITIESSection 1CALENDAR of programs and activities for one year should be determined before July 1 of eachyear by the Executive Committee and Board of Directors. The calendar will serve the purpose ofthe ____________________________________ OSU Alumni Chapter and the OSUAA.Section 2ANNUAL MEETING OF THE GENERAL MEMBERSHIP FOR THE____________________OSU Alumni Chapter be held at least once a year at the date, time and place designated by theExecutive Committee/Board of Directors. Notice of the annual meeting shall be mailed to eachmember of the OSU Alumni Chapter.22

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