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Download MD-PIRG-EE-scorecard-web-version.pdf - Frontier Group

Download MD-PIRG-EE-scorecard-web-version.pdf - Frontier Group

Falling Behindon Energy

Falling Behindon Energy EfficiencyMaryland Risks MissingIts Electricity Savings GoalsMaryland PIRG FoundationJordan Schneider and Elizabeth Ridlington,Frontier GroupJohanna Neumann,Maryland PIRG FoundationMarch 2011

AcknowledgmentsThe authors wish to thank Beth Harber of the Abell Foundation; Fred Hoover, former directorof the Maryland Energy Administration; Rich Reis, energy savings chair of the MarylandChapter of the Sierra Club, and Maryland People’s Counsel Paula Carmody for insightful commentsand helpful review of this report. Thanks also to Ruth Kiselewich, director of demandside management at BGE, and Pat Stuntz, program officer at the Campbell Foundation, forreviewing this report.The authors would like to thank Tony Dutzik and Rob Kerth of Frontier Group for editorialand research assistance.The generous financial support of the Abell Foundation, the Keith Campbell Foundation forthe Environment, the Zanvyl & Isabelle Krieger Fund, and the Fund for Change made thisreport possible.The authors bear responsibility for any factual errors. The recommendations are those ofMaryland PIRG Foundation. The views expressed in this report are those of the authors anddo not necessarily reflect the views of our funders or those who provided review.© 2011 Maryland PIRG FoundationWith public debate around important issues often dominated by special interests pursuing theirown narrow agendas, Maryland PIRG Foundation offers an independent voice that works onbehalf of the public interest. Maryland PIRG Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, works toprotect consumers and promote good government. We investigate problems, craft solutions,educate the public, and offer Maryland residents meaningful opportunities for civic participation.For more information about Maryland PIRG Foundation or for additional copies of thisreport, please visit Group conducts independent research and policy analysis to support a cleaner, healthierand more democratic society. Our mission is to inject accurate information and compellingideas into public policy debates at the local, state and federal levels. For more information aboutFrontier Group, please visit photo: TebNab, iStockphoto.comLayout: Harriet Eckstein Graphic Design

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