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Download MD-PIRG-EE-scorecard-web-version.pdf - Frontier Group

Download MD-PIRG-EE-scorecard-web-version.pdf - Frontier Group

2011, this percentage

2011, this percentage fell to20 percent.2) Create a stakeholder advisoryboard – Like other states, Marylandshould coordinate an independentenergy efficiency stakeholder advisoryboard made up of utility representatives,consumer groups, energy efficiencyexperts, contractors, and otherinterested parties that meets regularlyto advise the PSC on EmPOWERMaryland program development andimplementation.3) Coordinate programs statewide –Experience in other states teachesus that coordinated programs with asingle brand are more effective thanseparate efforts. When each utility offersdifferent programs, it complicatesoutreach, education, and training forconsumers and contractors.4) Develop natural gas savings goals– Many homes in Maryland are heatedby natural gas. We lose significantopportunities to save energy by failingto adopt and work towards a statewidenatural gas savings goal. The stateshould establish a natural gas efficiencystandard, and the PSC shouldcultivate strong natural gas savingsprograms among utilities.Policy Recommendations 25

MethodologyEmPOWER Maryland 2011 Shortfallby UtilitiesThe 2011 EmPOWER Maryland benchmarkrepresents the end of the 2009-2011program planning period and pinpointsthe savings utilities should achieve by theend of the year in 2011. There is thereforestill one year left in the accounting periodfor that EmPOWER Maryland interimtarget. We compared these interim targetswith the progress made to date by all utilityprograms, from their respective launchdates through fourth quarter of 2010. 68EmPOWER Maryland 2015 Shortfallby UtilitiesThe 2015 EmPOWER Maryland shortfallwas calculated by assuming thatutilities achieve the same electricity savingsachieved in the fourth quarter of 2010 (byfar the strongest quarter for energy electricityto date) in each quarter through theend of 2015. 69 We then added this figure tosavings already achieved by utilities sinceprogram launch and compared the totalsavings figure to the 2015 EmPOWERMaryland goals. 70Overall EmPOWER MarylandShortfallThe overall EmPOWER Maryland goalfor electricity savings represents MWhsaved by utilities and by other programs,which together equal a 15 percent reductionin per capita electricity consumptionbelow 2007 levels, per the EmPOWERMaryland Energy Efficiency Act. 71 Weused this number as a baseline for comparisonbetween 2015 targets and projectedMWh savings by utilities and other agencies.We made an assumption that by 2015,non-utility programs would achieve onehalfof their overall electricity savingsgoals. 72 We combined this number withprojected savings by utilities in 2015 (seeabove calculation), resulting in an estimateof electricity savings in 2015 by both utilityprograms and other programs.Savings Lost by Ratepayers in 2015Based on the above assumptions, utilityelectricity savings will fall 3,896,111 MWhshort of 2015 goals.The amount of savings given up byratepayers was calculated by subtracting26 Falling Behind on Energy Efficiency

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