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Download MD-PIRG-EE-scorecard-web-version.pdf - Frontier Group

Download MD-PIRG-EE-scorecard-web-version.pdf - Frontier Group

Statistics 2008, April

Statistics 2008, April 2010); Pollutionequivalent calculated assuming 1,139lb/MWh of carbon dioxide emissionsannually, per U.S. EPA eGRID2010 Version1.0, Subregion Year 2005 Data, downloadedfrom,24 February2010.10 See note 1.11 Ibid.12 Ibid.13 Maryland Public Service Commission,Efficiency & Conservation and DemandResponse Program Savings, Wholesale Level:Year to Date tables in Q4 2010 EmPOWERMaryland Reports (Case Nos. 9153, 9154,9155, 9156 and 9157), 31 January 2011.14 Maryland Energy Administration,EmPOWERing Maryland Clean EnergyPrograms FY 2011 (Draft), downloadedfrom, 6February 2011.15 Statewide goal is 11,206,000 MWhper Maryland Energy Administration,Maryland Energy Outlook (Draft),1 December 2009. Utilities must achieve7,268,539 MWh per Maryland PublicService Commission, EmPOWERMaryland Targets and Population(spreadsheet), 15 August 2008. Goals arecumulative.16 See note 2.17 See Methodology for calculation.18 Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative,CO 2 Auctions, Tracking, and Offsets, Auction10 Results, downloaded from, 25 February2011.19 Dept. of Legislative Services,Department of Human Resources Office ofHome Energy Programs, Operating BudgetData, downloaded from, 9 March 2009.20 Maryland House of Delegates, Bill HB72, Budget Reconciliation and Finance Act of2011, as introduced on 21 January 2011,available at Maryland Energy Administration,presentation to the Strategic EnergyInvestment Advisory Board, 10 June 2010.22 Calculation assumes steady electricityprices. Multiply projected shortfall in2015 (3.9 million MWh) by currentcost of electricity, 12 cents per kWh, tocalculate cost per U.S. Energy InformationAdministration, Average Retail Price ofElectricity to Ultimate Customers by End-UseSector by State, 14 January 2011.23 Energy efficiency investments toavoid 3.9 million MWh of electricitywould cost consumers about $179 million,as the average cost of energy efficiencyfor consumers is 4.6 cents per kWh(on average three times cheaper thanproducing electricity), per KatherineFriedrich et al., American Council for anEnergy Efficient Economy, Saving EnergyCost-Effectively: A National Review of theCost of Energy Saved Through Utility-SectorEnergy Efficiency Programs, September2009, available at See note 1.25 Ibid.26 Maryland imports 30 percent of itselectricity, per U.S. Department of Energy,Energy Information Administration,Maryland Nuclear Profile, September2010; Total retail sales of electricity inMaryland is 63,325,777 MWh per year,and the average retail price of electricityis 12 cents/kWh, per U.S. EnergyInformation Administration, Average RetailNotes 29

Price of Electricity to Ultimate Customersby End-Use Sector by State, 14 January2011; transmission and distribution costsestimated at 2.7 cents per kWh, per JayHancock, “Welcome BGE NumberCrunchers,” The Baltimore Sun, 8 June 2007.27 Calculation assumes that the number ofjobs forgone is proportional to the amountof energy savings not achieved. Therefore,Maryland will miss out on 4,160 (52percent) of the 8,000 jobs projected to becreated by EmPOWER Maryland by 2015,per Maggie Eldridge, et al., AmericanCouncil for an Energy-Efficient Economy,Energy Efficiency: The First Fuel for a CleanEnergy Future, February 2008.28 Energy Information Administration,Maryland Electricity Profile, downloadedfrom, 24 February 2011.29 Maryland Public Service Commission,Electric Supply Adequacy Report of 2007,January 2007; Philip Rucker, “ProposedHigh-Voltage Line Would Stretch AcrossMaryland,” Washington Post, 26 August2007.30 $1.8 billion transmission line: KenWard Jr., “PATH Map Made Public: Highvoltageline to East will Cross a DozenCounties,” The Charleston Gazette, 16 May2009; $9 billion nuclear power plant: GusG. Sentementes, “Constellation PullsOut of New Calvert Cliffs Nuclear PowerVenture,” The Baltimore Sun, 10 October2010.31 See note 13.32 Assumes 500 MW of capacity for onepower plant.33 U.S. Department of Energy, EnergyInformation Administration, MarylandElectricity Profile 2008, March 2010.34 American Lung Association, Stateof the Air 2010, downloaded from, 7 February 2010.35 Poor grades: American LungAssociation, State of the Air 2010,downloaded from, 7February 2010; health effects: J. Pekkanenet al., “Daily Variations of ParticulateAir Pollution and ST-T Depressions inSubjects with Stable Coronary HeartDisease: The Finnish ULTRA Study,”American Journal of Respiratory Critical CareMedicine 161: A24, 2000.36 C. Pope et al., “Lung Cancer,Cardiopulmonary Mortality, and Long-Term Exposure to Fine Particulate AirPollution,” Journal of the American MedicalAssociation 287: 1132-1141, 2002.37 See note 34.38 Maryland Commission on ClimateChange, Climate Action Plan, August 2008.39 Ibid.40 Ibid.41 Maryland Energy Administration,Operating Budget Testimony, downloadedfrom, 20 January2011.42 Allegheny Energy, Potomac Edison’sEmPOWER Maryland 2009 Annual Report,1 February 2010.43 Office of People’s Counsel, Commentson the 2009 EmPOWER Maryland AnnualReport, Case Nos. 9153, 9154, 9155, 9156, and9157, 17 March 2010.44 Pepco: Maryland Public ServiceCommission, Order No. 82836, 13August 2009; Delmarva: Public ServiceCommission, Order No. 82835, 13 August2009.45 Maryland Public Service Commission,Stenographer’s Record Hearing Date December16, 2010. Case Nos. 9153, 9154, 9155, 9156,30 Falling Behind on Energy Efficiency

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