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Acupuncture & Risk

Acupuncture & Risk

“Safety Record of

“Safety Record of Acupuncture”Tierney Tully, M.S.O.M., Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM)Executive Director• AOMA presented that, in the US:- The current blood donor question and deferral implies risk that doesnot exist today, when receiving treatment from a licensedacupuncturist.- 42 states plus the DC have passed statutes or regulations establishingstandards of competency for licensure of acupuncture and Orientalmedicine providers. 4 others have introduced legislation.- Licensing requires taking & passing course (Clean Needle Technique).Published a Clean Needle Technique Manual with help of CDC & morerecently OSHA, and is in its 5th edition.- Extraordinary safety record.

Presented at PPTA Donor Suitability Workshop June 4, 2007(Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association)

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