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Acupuncture & Risk

Acupuncture & Risk

US articles - from the

US articles - from the 1980’s• “A large outbreak of acupuncture-associated hepatitis B,”American Journal of Epidemiology, 1988, Kent GP, Brondum J, et al- 35 patients in Rhode Island infected w/HBV in 1984. Linked a substantialincrease of incidence due to # of needles received. Index case identifiedthat led to transmissions. ID’ed “several mechanisms for needlecontamination” due to “techniques.”• “Outbreak of hepatitis B associated with acupuncture,” Journal ofFamily Practice, 1986, Stryker WS, Gunn RA, Francis DP- Hepatitis B ‘outbreak’ occurred in US in 1980 at a chiropractic clinicwhere 6 pts infected due to treating pts w/hepatitis and reusing needlesthat were not properly sterilized.✴Found similar articles from UK, Israel, Germany, India, China, andBrazil; some as recent as 2002

For AATB Standards, Appendix II, listing 12:1. Should ‘acupuncture’ be removed as a risk to consider?2. Should our wording match FDA’s in regard to using:“in which sterile procedures were not used” instead of“in which shared instruments are known to have been used?”AATB Standards, 12th edition, 2008:

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