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to download your free copy. - Automotive Service Association

to download your free copy. - Automotive Service Association

diagnostic fees and

diagnostic fees and varying repair coverage,there are potential costs for shopsupplies, fluid and gaskets, as coverageof these items also varies.Your repair shop will talk to an ESPadministrator about the parts that willbe needed to repair your vehicle. Theremay be situations when the ESP administratorwill require the shop to use certaintypes of parts in the repair of yourvehicle. The administrator has theoption to choose among new originalequipment manufacturer (OEM) parts,aftermarket parts, rebuilt/remanufacturedparts or salvage parts.The administrator’s goal is to repairyour vehicle and get through the periodcovered by the ESP without incurringany further cost for the same repair. Forexample, on a high-mileage vehicle, aused part may be recommended, butfor a low-mileage vehicle, the administratormay elect to upgrade to a lifetimewarranty part to avoid future cost.You may decide you want to follow therecommendation of your repair technicianand upgrade to a better part thanthe administrator has authorized. Youcan do this, but be aware that any differencesin the price of parts are yourresponsibility.How does the ESP administratordetermine appropriate prices forparts and labor rates?Most ESP companies will not accepttime estimates based on a technician’spersonal experience, and sometimesthey won’t even accept the manufacturer’slabor guides, so most repairfacilities estimate labor times using athird-party information provider.Another consideration is whether yourshop’s labor rates are higher than theESP will pay. Be prepared to pay anydifferences in rates that are not coveredby your policy.What if I change my mind afterpurchasing an ESP?Most ESPs can be cancelled at any time,even if you have financed it as part ofyour monthly car payment. It is notadvisable to buy an ESP that does not letyou cancel and receive a refund. Mostproviders will refund your money providedthat you have not made a claimand the written request and the contractare received back within 30 days of thepurchase date of the contract. There maybe a fee to cancel the policy.What type of vehicle maintenancedoes an ESP require?Sometimes the maintenance required byan ESP may be different than what is recommendedby the vehicle owner’s manual.Typically, the ESP does not overridethe manufacturer’s recommendationswith lower maintenance standards. Usually,the ESP will require fewer miles formaintenance services than the mileagespecified by the manufacturer. For example,the ESP may require an oil changeevery 3,000 miles, even if the owner’smanual specifies every 5,000 miles.The ESP administratormay require the shop touse certain types ofparts in the repair ofyour vehicle. The administratormay choose neworiginal equipment manufacturerparts, aftermarketparts, rebuilt/remanufactured parts orsalvage parts.Consumers’ Guidelines to ESPs | 4

Abiding by the ESP service recommendationscould help prevent the denial of aclaim later. Be sure to save the receiptsfor all maintenance performed. Failure tohave proper documentation could resultin the termination of your policy.Where can I take my vehicle forrepairs?A plan that dictates where to take yourvehicle for service and/or repair maynot be in your best interest; you wantthe freedom to choose where to takeyour vehicle. Look for a plan that letsyou choose the dealership, nationalchain or local repair facility that youwant to use.perform the repair. The ESP administratoris responsible for determining if thereported problem is covered by the specificagreement purchased; authorizing(via credit card) payment to the servicerepair facility; scheduling inspections;handling contract transfers to new owners;and making cancellations, should thevehicle be traded or stolen.When looking for a repair facility, ask ifthe facility’s technicians are ASE certified.The non-profit group National Institutefor Automotive Service Excellence(ASE) certifies the technical competenceof individual technicians by offering voluntarytesting. For more information,visit the ASE Web site at the policy and make sure youunderstand your coverage, includingtowing and car rental benefits. Keep acopy of your policy and the phone numberand address of your local repairfacility in your vehicle for easy accessand quick reference.How does the claim process work?Generally it works like this: When yourvehicle needs service or repair, take it orhave it towed to your local ASA membershop or other reputable repair facilityand present a copy of your ESP to theservice writer/manager.After reviewing the ESP contract, theservice writer may contact the ESPadministrator to verify coverage andexpiration dates and get authorization toOn major claims, the administrator maysend out an inspector to inspect yourvehicle. Sometimes this can lengthenrepair time. Be aware that most providerswill not pay for diagnosis, shop suppliesor sales tax.Most ESPs will pay your claim directly tothe repair facility via credit card with nopaperwork or billing hassles for you.Beware of companies that require you tohandle the claims process yourself.What happens if I sell or trade inmy vehicle?Most extended service plans are transferableto the new owner when you sellyour vehicle, but they may require asmall fee for handling the paperwork.Beware of a policy that is not transferable.For most ESPs, theadministrator will payyour claim directly tothe repair facility withno billing hassles foryou. Beware of companiesthat require you tohandle the claimsprocess yourself.Consumers’ Guidelines to ESPs | 5

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