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An International perspective on the productivity paradox – by Alain ...

An International perspective on the productivity paradox – by Alain ...

Poorly-managed firms

Poorly-managed firms survive better in NZL thanin the US marketFrequency120New ZealandUnited States1008060402001 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 4 4.5 5Management scoreThe distribution of firms according to the quality of theirmanagement: low pressures from competition and financialmarkets?24

Realising the growth potential of KBC requires the smoothreallocation of tangible resources across firms and sectorsAdditional capital attracted by a firm that increases its patent stock by 10%The estimated impact of various policies on the responsiveness of the firm investment to patenting% ZealandMinimum(GBR)New ZealandMinimum(Norway)New ZealandMaximum(New Zealand)2.0New ZealandNew Zealand1.51.00.5Maximum(Portugal)Minimum(Greece)Maximum(Italy)Maximum(Slovak republic)Maximum(Italy)Minimum(Austria)0.0Stringency ofEmploymentProtectionLegislationAccess to EarlyStage VCRegulation ofprofessionalservicesBarriers to Trade &InvestmentCost of BankruptcyLegislation forEntrepreneursStrength of InvestorRightsSource: Figures for New Zealand are inferred from the coefficient estimates in ong>Anong>drews, D., C. Criscuolo and C. Menon(2013), “Do Resources Flow to Innovative Firms: Cross-Country Evidence from Firm Level Data”, OECD EconomicsDepartment Working Papers, forthcoming.25

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