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Banner Advancement / Release Guide / 8.1 - Parent Directory

Banner Advancement / Release Guide / 8.1 - Parent Directory


26 Banner Advancement 8.1 December 2008Release GuideGift Mass Entry - Functional

2 Enhanced ProposalProcessing - FunctionalBanner Advancement uses proposals to track the solicitation of funds from individuals,foundations, and businesses. Banner Advancement 8.1 improves the tracking ofsolicitations by integrating proposal processing and gift processing. The followingenhancements provide the ability to track progress toward funding goals and measure theresults of solicitation initiatives:• A proposal can reference specific gifts or pledges that are received as a result of theproposal.• A prospect can have multiple proposals of the same type.• The history of proposal changes and project changes can be tracked.DefinitionsBanner Advancement uses the following terms in proposal processing:ProspectProjectProposalA prospect is anyone who has the potential or willingness to contributegifts or leadership support to an institution. Within Banner, an assignedprospect is an individual or organization that is identified for personalcontact regarding a gift or leadership support at a level greater than annualdonations or committees. Assigned prospects are managed throughProspect Management. Additional research, formal proposals, and plansfor engagement can be associated with assigned prospects.A project is an institutional initiative that relies on funding or leadershipsupport. Within Banner Advancement, a project can be generic(Scholarship Support), specific (Smith Family Memorial Scholarship), orsomewhere between (Endowed Scholarship Support).A proposal is a formal presentation to an assigned prospect regardingspecific institutional initiatives in which the institution hopes to engagethe assigned prospect. Within Banner, a proposal comprises one or moreprojects, each with a targeted funding amount. A proposal is commonlyused for capital campaigns and comprehensive campaigns to ask aprospect to support several initiatives at the same time, rather than askingthe prospect to support each initiative separately.December 2008 Banner Advancement 8.1 27Release GuideEnhanced Proposal Processing - Functional

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