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Banner Advancement / Release Guide / 8.1 - Parent Directory

Banner Advancement / Release Guide / 8.1 - Parent Directory


56 Banner Advancement 8.1 December 2008Release GuideEnhanced Processing of Third-Party Gifts - Functional13-OCT-2008 SUNGARDHE University PAGE 3Release 8.1 External Gift Load Process AGPEXGFGifts from All, IncReport Only - Banner ID OrderBanner ID NameUSER:........................ SGEISER* * * REPORT CONTROL INFORMATION * * *parameter MessageParameter Name Value Message_____________________________ _____________________________ ________________________________________________________203421File Code EXT_GIFTSData Source Identifier GIFTCOData File Name external_gifts.csvPath of Data File - Part 1 /export/home/sgeiser/Path of Data File - Part 2 rel81/xsd/Path of Data File - Part 3[R]eport/(U)pdate Mode RDate Format DD-MON-YYYYHeader Record Exists NSort Order 1Line Count 55

Processing tipsThe following processing tips apply to AGPEXGF.File loadYou must do the following when you load a file that contains third-party gifts:• Verify that the input file is in ASCII format.• Use the File Transfer Process (FTP) to transfer the file in ASCII mode via a SecureFile Transfer to a directory that Banner can read from and write to. This directorydepends on your operating system. This location is entered as one or moreAGPEXGF parameters (depending on the length of the data file path).• Enter the file name as an AGPEXGF parameter.Header recordIf the file begins with a header record that contains information provided by the third-partyprocessor, set the Header Record Exists parameter to Y. With this setting, AGPEXGFignores the first record.Date formatAGPEXGF recognizes all potential Oracle date formats for dates on the data load file. Ifthe Date Format parameter is defined, this format is used for dates. If the parameter is notdefined, the format of the current system date is used for dates.Seed dataThe following rows were added to the Data Field Names Validation Form (ATVTPFD) toidentify the fields that can be included when gift data is loaded from third-partyprocessors.Field NameBAN_IDEXT_GIFT_AMT_TOTEXT_GIFT_CAMPAIGNEXT_GIFT_CARD_AUTH_CODEDescriptionBanner IDExternal Gift AmountExternal Gift CampaignExternal Gift Credit Card TransactionAuthorization CodeValidation TableColumnDecember 2008 Banner Advancement 8.1 57Release GuideEnhanced Processing of Third-Party Gifts - Functional

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